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Womans Reproductive Rights

Are you tired of all the rhetoric
about “choice?” Exhausted by the
“Reproductive Rights” runaround? It is
no surprise in today’s society when a
subject as serious as abortion is masked
by creative words and catch phrases.
It’s okay to be against abortion. Not
only that—you should not be ashamed
to say it!

Being opposed to abortion does
NOT mean you’re “anti choice”, it means
you are about freedom and that you think
all existing persons—big, small, and really
small—should be allowed to enjoy it.
In the following pages, we would like
to take you beyond the tired “choice”
terminology to an enthusiastic respect
for life.

Why does the “pro-choice” side

use rhetoric to disguise the fact that
they are talking about abortion?


“Tim, I think I’m pregnant.”
It was New Year’s Eve.

My boyfriend sighed deeply, his gaze remaining fixed on the TV. He then muttered something that made me feel already deserted. I felt a sour lump in the back of my throat.

Yes, I was pregnant, and I was scared! I knew from firsthand experience how tough it is raising a child as a single mother. I
 already had a 2-year old daughter, Jennifer, from an earlier
unsuccessful marriage.

When my pregnancy was confirmed,
Tim’s non-committal response to my distress and his
move to Chicago, 400 miles away, left me despondent
and convinced that abortion was the
“easy way out.” I was already struggling
financially with one child. How
could I raise two?

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On January 22, 1973 the U.S. Supreme Court
legalized abortion through which month of pregnancy?
A. 3rd month
B. 4th month
C. 6th month
D. 9th month

A developing baby’s heart begins to beat at?
A. 21 days
B. 30 days
C. 45 days
D. 60 days

A True story of an adoption.

True Adoption Story

Womans rights to choose
TIRED of the SPIN?

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Women are breaking through glass ceilings everywhere, surpassing the number of men in colleges, law schools, and medical schools. Just look at sports such as basketball, soccer, hockey, and wrestling. We have come too far to reduce women’s “rights” to mean the “right to abortion.”

Simple tissue is not bursting with the following: life, stem cells that some researcherswould kill for, a beating heart and fingerprints, and enough DNA to fill five sets (not volumes) of Encyclopedia Britannica if the micro-miniature language was enlarged to standard-sized print.

Does your value depend on the degree that someone wants you? Let’s be honest— a child is a child. How could any baby be called unwanted when there are over one million couples waiting, hoping, and praying for a chance to adopt a child?

Many young women believed this until it was too late. The book, Lime 5, documents over 200 cases of women injured or killed by legal, so-called “safe” abortions. With the end result being an aborted baby; the potential for cervical cancer and the possibility of
becoming infertile—where’s the safe part?
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In Their Own Words:
Former Abortionists and Clinic Staff Speak Out

“We were told to find the woman’s weakness and work on it. The
women were never given any alternatives. They were told how much
trouble it was to have a baby.”
— Debra Henry: Former Clinic Staff“Meet the Abortion Providers”

“But I think the greatest thing that got to us was the ultrasound… The baby really came alive on TV and was moving… That picture of the baby on the ultrasound bothered me more than anything else… We lost two nurses. They couldn’t take looking at it.”
— Dr. Joseph Randall: Former Abortionist “Meet the Abortion Providers”

Human Baby DevelopmentDAY 1 FERTILIZATION
The sperm joins with the ovum to form one cell. This one cell contains the complex genetic makeup for every detail of a new human life—the child’s sex, hair and eye color, height, skin tone, etc. From that moment on nothing new is added but oxygen, nutrition and time.1

The first cell divides in two and cell division
continues as the newly formed individual travels down
the fallopian tube to the uterus. Over 500 cells are
present when this tiny embryo (the blastocyst)
7 weeks babyeaches the uterus 7 to 10 days after fertilization.2

Foundations of the brain, spinal cord and nervous system are already e
stablished, and on day 21 the heart begins to beat in a regular fashion with a blood type often different from her mother’s.3 Muscles are forming, and arms, legs, eyes and ears have begun to

1 “The Drama of Fetal Development”, American Baby
(January 1989), p. 45
2 Mayo Clinic Family Health Book, 3rd ed., Harper Resource, 2003

human baby“As far as your nature is concerned,
I see no difference between the early person
that you were at conception and the late person which you are now. You were, and
are, a human being.”
geneticist, the late Dr. Jérome LeJeune

Silent No More - AbortionTHE SILENT GRIEF

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Ann Marie Cosgrove, President of Silent No
More-Minnesota, publicly testifies about the trauma and pain that abortion has caused in her life, “Abortion changes you forever. I thought the abortion would free me up from a responsibility I felt I was not ready for. Instead it held me in bondage to feelings of regret, remorse, depression and despair.

My soul
became a slave to self-hatred and worthlessness. My sanity the price I would pay. Women deserve better than abortion.”

There are many courageous
women, such as Ann Marie, who
give personal testimony in opposition to abortion. They also offer their understanding, compassion and time to those who need their support in coping with the emotional and psychological aftermath
of an abortion. There are chapters of Silent No More in nearly every state.

The “Hard Cases”
Rape incest 16yr 12 yroldRE S E A R C H E R S David C. Reardon, Julie Makimaa, and Amy Sobie completed a nine year study on pregnancy outcomes of sexual assault victims. As part of their research the authors drew upon testimonies from 192 women who became pregnant as a result of rape or incest, and 55 children conceived in sexual assault.

Research shows that after any abortion, it is common for women to experience guilt, depression, feelings of being “dirty,” resentment of men, and lowered self-esteem. These feelings are identical to what
women typically feel after rape.

Abortion only adds to and
accentuates the traumatic feelings associated with sexual assault.

Kathleen DeZeeuw, whose son Patrick was conceived in rape when she was 16, writes: “I, having lived through rape, and also having raised a child ‘conceived in rape’ feel personally assaulted and insulted every time I hear that abortion should be legal because of rape and incest. I feel that we’re being used by pro-abortionists to further the abortion issue though we’ve not been asked to tell our side of the story.”

For example, Edith Young, a
12-year-old victim of incest, writes
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David C. Reardon, Julie Makimaa, and Amy Sobie. Victims and Victors. Acorn Books, Springfield, IL 2000. pp.15-17.
For further information see www.afterabortion.org.

Real Sex Lives of College Student

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CY N T H I A B R A N T L E Y and Leland
Elliot, co-authors of the study
on Campus":

"The Naked Truth About the
Real Sex Lives of College Students,” said
of college students, “They want to be in
love. They’re looking for relationships,
and in the context of this, they’re having
a lot of sex.”

In their study, Brantley and Elliot
note that 80 percent of college
students are sexually active, and 60
percent engage in casual sex. Fiftyfive
percent of those studied admitted
to having unsafe sex, and 21 percent
said they never use a condom
because they “didn't care.”
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“Emergency Contraception”
An Advertising Deception
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Emergency Contraception

TH E CAMPA I G N to make “Emergency Contraception”
(EC) available over-the-counter with its slogan

up your Birth Control with EC”,

is deceiving women
regarding EC’s action and the risks
related to its use.

exacerbates what feminist Germaine Greer calls,
cynical deception of women by selling abortifacients as
if they were contraceptives,” a deception
she finds
“incompatible with the respect due to women as human
beings.” Some of the deceptive claims we hear are:
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Human Life AllianceHuman Life Alliance HLA's priority project
is to publish and distribute advertising supplements,
focusing on abortion, euthanasia and chastity,
through mainstream media and college newspapers.

Reaching a combined circulation of nearly 30,000,000 copies
over the past twelve years, these extremely powerful and creative advertising supplements are the cause of vigorous debate on high school and college campuses across the nation receiving widespread acclaim.

HLA seeks to educate all people on life issues by:

Raising awareness of the humanity of the unborn child
and exposing the gruesome realities of abortion.

Opposing euthanasia in all its forms, both active and passive,
and fighting for the protection of all human life including the
terminally ill, elderly, disabled and medically vulnerable.

Promoting chastity, abstinence until marriage and educating on
the errors and health risks of "safe-sex" promotion.

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