Frank Peretti’s novel Tilly is now being shared with many in a short film, created by Love Life America. 

Tilly is a Message of Hope, a pro-life story on a powerful promise of love and forgiveness.

Frank Peretti’s Tilly a true story of healing told to him in a support group by a woman that was suffering the pain after an abortion.  Tilly Video Clip 1: Kathy with her mysterious tresspassers

It’s a compelling pro-life story from Christianity's #1 best-selling fiction author.  The “
Tilly” book has sold more than 200,000 copies, a story that has gently touched people’s hearts and changed their lives.

For almost two decades “Tilly” has helped many as an audio tape drama and book and  now is being LoveLifeAmerica - Love Live Americashared with many more in a short film, created by Love Life America. 

is a Message of Hope, a pro-life story’s on a powerful promise of love and forgiveness,

This film brings Peretti’s novel to life and will give you a new perspective on the preciousness of an unborn child.

Tilly is a deeply moving, unforgettable story of life, love, and of Christ’s forgiveness.

Love Life America™ is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing quality video stories like Tilly to as many people as possible through mass media. Tilly video Clip 2: Dan does some investigating

Their goal is to develop viewer-supported television broadcasts all across America on a continuous basis.

Love Life America  rely solely on the financial generosity of friends like you...concerned and caring people who want to encourage and help those in crisis.

For more information visit the Love Life America web site at www.lovelifeamerica.org

Call them at 1-800-92-TILLY, receive confidential advice and information from someone who cares by calling toll free anytime, day or night.

Tilly” presents the story of Kathy and Dan Ross, with their teenage sons and daughter, who are living the American dream.

Kathy and Dan Ross are just like any other couple, with years of marriage behind them.

But no one would ever imagine what secrets liTilly Love Life Americae buried in their souls, a secret that is stirred by a simple act of compassion on one summer day.

As the story unfolds, we discover the truth about the past. This deeply moving story is the couple's journey and struggle to reconcile within themselves and each other with the memory of the child they aborted nine years previously. 

This powerful pro-life tale of forgiveness will shake the most stoic soul.

It's an unforgettable and movingly realistic
tale of God's forgiveness and the power of love.

Tilly and Kathy - Love Life America
Kathy asleep one day, dreams about young girl, for not everyone gets a chance to meet that child and tell them they're sorry.

It’s a glimpse of heaven itself, and the depth of God's love in such a way that the mere issue of abortion is transcended altogether in an illustration of the vastness and glory of God, and of the tremendous significance of his love directed towards men, women, and children. 

It conveys the loving forgiveness of a God who truly cares for His people.

Though we all are sinners, Our Tilly a message of hope by Love Life AmericaLord’s kindness calls us to repentance and to freed from the horrible guilt caused by our bad decisions. 

It serves as a reminder of His true deep love and compassion for the human race, His very creation.

This short film should be seen by teenagers as for guidance in life and for adults as a ray of hope.

Tilly will almost certainly move you to tears regardless of your circumstances; the depiction of heaven is quite astonishing and will probably stay with you for some time.

As emotional consequences of an abortion can be haunting and lasting, Tilly offers closure and hope to those who have had the experience. Tilly Video Clip 3: Tilly and Kathy

For others, it is a testament to the strength of the love between a mother and child, as well as the love and forgiveness of the Lord.

The genius of Tilly is that it so lovingly portrays the reality of forgiveness.

What if you could have your heart's deepest longing
Tilly a message of hope and forgivnessand at the same time have your biggest mistake erased and create a new beginning?

That's what is at the heart of this enchanting story;
“Forgiving yourself”

To order the short film or book of

visit LoveLifeAmerica at
their website click here

Tillly by Frank E. Peretti - Click to enlarge

Tilly Video Clip 4: The Trailer
The Tilly: A Message of Hope™ 

Screen adaptation of from the  Tilly  Novel

An in-depth discussion of the story’s central themes.

An exclusive interview with author Frank Peretti
and he shares his thoughts about the
importance of making Tilly into a movie.

 Tilly: A Message of Hope™ so you can easily share the story’s insights with those you know and love.

Tilly click  here to order

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