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A New Movie
October 1st 2004

The Story of St. Therese of Lisieux

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Introducing THÉRÈSE, a major motion picture based on the true story of Saint Thérèse of Lisieux.

Directed by Leonardo Defilippis, THÉRÈSE beautifully portrays the ordinary life of an extrTherese the Movie byaordinary soul.

She has been called “the greatest saint of modern times” and her spiritual doctrine, “the antidote for the despair of our world today”.
THÉRÈSE could not be timelier, given our current world situation.

Filmed and produced by Luke Films, Inc., the motion picture division of Saint Luke Productions in Portland, Oregon, this motion picture masterpiece promises to be one of the most influential spiritual films of the century.

Dedicated to Pope John Paul II, THÉRÈSE has been created in a humble effort to uphold the Holy Father’s call for “A New Evangelization” throughout the media culture.

THÉRÈSE Martin (Played by LINDSAY YOUNCE) is the pampered youngest daughter of a 19th Century French middle-class family. Traumatized by the death of her mother at an early age, she becomes an introverted child, unable to deal with life outside the confines of her immediate family.

However, at the age of 14 she undergoes a miraculous and mysterious Christmas conversion which transforms her - she discovers again the joy she lost at her Lindsay Younce - Theresemother's death, and she is driven by an overpowering love for souls that leads her into the life of a Carmelite nun.

Her life in the monastery is one of challenges, humor and, finally, terrible physical suffering, but there she uncovers a secret that fills her life with peace and a secure hope. 


A national talent search auditioned hundreds of actresses for this challenging role, but director Leonardo Defilippis was looking for something hard to find - a fresh, honest quality that would capture the innocence and purity of Thérèse.

When Lindsay Younce, began to speak, he knew she was special. "It was her vulnerability," he says. "She was listening with an understanding that was very, very deep. Her presence on the screen is powerful."

Lindsay approached Thérèse with much prayer. "What an opportunity this role was for me. I felt completely at home in the part, and entered into the life of this amazing girl, who grew up very much protected and coddled, but went on to live her short life with a heroism unseen in modern times."

Therese the Little Flower

Movie Synopsis:
THÉRÈSE,'S mother died when she was four years old; her surrogate mother abandoned her a few years later, plunging Thérèse Martin (Lindsay Younce) into a mental  collapse.

Then something miraculous happens. At the age of 14, she undergoes a mysterious conversion and falls deeply in love with God. Then - not old enough for the convent -- she goes all the way to the Vatican, where she boldly steps forth at a papal audience to beg for permission to become a Carmelite nun. Lindsay Younce

In the monastery, Thérèse, a teenage girl, gains insights that breathe fresh air into the Catholic Church and transform the world. Challenged by the austere, cloistered life, this pampered child discovers a simple way of loving God.

In a lavish period production, comparable to Merchant Ivory's "A Room with a View," THÉRÈSE tells the true story of Thérèse of Lisieux, the most popular saint of modern times.

It's a story of struggle and tragedy and the greatest of all romances - the story of an ordinary girl with an extraordinary soul.

When Thérèse Martin was born in 1873, Europe was on the verge of great change. In science there was the Industrial Revolution, which roared through England during the 18th and 19th centuries and initiated the age of technology.

Therese  An Ordinary GirlIn art the Impressionist movement, centered in Paris, broke with the classical and romantic styles in painting and music. The French Revolution and the Enlightenment of the 18th century challenged the traditions of religion, inciting anticlerical sentiments among prominent thinkers and state leaders, thus changing French society forever.

Thérèse's little town and the Carmel of Lisieux were steeped in the issues of the day. Thérèse Martin lived during a time when the modern era was dawning and her message of the 'little way' became the foundation for the 20th century.

Therese  An Ordinary Girl

Movie Reviews:
“I saw Thérèse, and I think there was hardly a dry eye in the movie theater after the film was over. It was all presented with such a beautiful touch of sensitivity and humor. It’s a magnificent film. THÉRÈSE is destined to be a classic.” FATHER ANDREW APOSTOLI - Franciscan Friar of the Renewal, Author, and EWTN Host

“This film is a beautiful two-hour retreat from the world where you can soften your heart.You feel refreshed coming out of this movie.” MATTHEW PINTO – Ascension Press, Author, Co-Founder of Envoy and CatholicExchange.com

“There is a kind of color and gentleness which is not commonly present in movies, and it becomes something refreshing because it is distinctive. There is a quality about Thérèse that comes through as so attractive; the charm of innocence draws you in."  FATHER MITCH PACWA – Author, EWTN Host, and Founder of Ignatius Productions
Therese  An Ordinary Girl
“From the very start of this beautiful film, lovingly made, and produced with unsparing effort to the highest industry standards in every department, Luke Films has pulled off a tremendous cinematic achievement. 
The biggest reason Defilippis succeeds in capturing on film this "inner story" of a great modern saint is because he understands the subject well and tells her story with a spiritual, yet profoundly human approach.” ANTHONY RYAN - Director of Marketing, Ignatius Press

“I think this movie is going to be a catalyst for healing. Many people will see the little way of Saint Thérèse and they will see themselves through watching the movie. They will be able to take a good look at their own souls. I think it will be massive what the film will do.” MICHAEL ARSENAULT – Canadian Distributor of Religious Goods

“[THÉRÈSE] is a mirror of what’s in us. I am impressed with Luke Films’ vision and understanding of the importance of a Catholic voice within the entertainment industry…I encourage Catholics to support THÉRÈSE any way they can.” FRANCIS CARDINAL GEORGE, Archbishop of Chicago

“The best film on her inspiring life.” ARCHBISHOP JOHN P. FOLEY, President, Pontifical Council for Social Communications, Vatican
Lindsay Younce as Therese
“A marvelous production revealing the spiritual and missionary message of the life of Saint Thérèse.” ARCHBISHOP MALCOLM RANJITH, President, Pontifical Mission Societies, Vatican

“I believe we underestimate the power of a film like Thérèse. This film can help in nations considering civil strife, in countries having terrible problems of poverty, in wealthy countries… Thérèse holds a profound message for my country…for everyone.”  FATHER JOHN E. KOZAR, National Director, Pontifical Mission Societies, New York

“Thérèse is a masterpiece! Of all the films I have seen on Saint Thérèse, it is the best.” FATHER DONALD KINNEY, O.C.D., Chairman of the relics of Saint Thérèse in the United States


A Film Dedicated to His Holiness Pope John Paul II
Answering the Holy Father’s call for “A New Evangelization,” Luke Films, an independent film production and distribution company based in Portland, Oregon, has produced a new motion picture on the life of Saint Thérèse of Lisieux, also known as “the Little Flower,” the most popular saint of modern times. The message of this film is important to the modern world and will make a difference to the lives of children, adolescents, and adults.

Thérèse is no ordinary motion picture. The production values meet the standards of a major motion picture release and include a touching original motion picture soundtrack, but production was initiated and launched through the enormous demand from the grassroots level.

Luke Films would like to collaborate with everyone who desires to see positive Christian messages on the screen, especially those interested in the Theresian theme of loving God in a “little way.” In
order to successfully touch as many souls as possible, and to make a difference in our current culture, Thérèse needs a show of support from the potential movie going audience.

The nationwide theatrical release of Thérèse is October 1st 2004, on the feast of Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus. As you may already know, Luke Films does not have the PR machinery that Mel Gibson had, and therefore needs your show of support to launch Thérèse. You can contribute your efforts in touching souls through this film by considering the following avenues:



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