Original Catholic Art by Mark Sanislo

  Originals Religious Paintings

Mark a Catholic family man,  is taking the Holy Father's words
of inspiration to  heart from a  1999 Letter to Artist

 by John Paul II to  Artist to use their talent for God.
and follow up messages giving encouragement  2000 2000  2004

Mark Sanislo
in the local Minneapolis newspaper
A life-size painting of Kirby Puckett

Downtown Journal -  An artist on display -by  Breanne Doroff-
Skyway Portrait Painter Mark Sanislo

Renaissance on the River
In the Twin Cities, a Sacred Art Boomlet
Issue National Catholic Register

"To all who are passionately dedicated  to the search for new “epiphanies” of beauty
so that through their creative work as artists they may offer these as gifts to the world."

Catholic Art
“God saw all that he had made, and it was very good” (Gn 1:31)

Pope John Paul II  -  Mother Teresa  -  Blessed Virgin Mary
Heavens Call to the Family -   Mother Angelica  -  St. Francis of Assisi
Father Bernard Reiser   -   Fr. Robert J. Fox  -   Padre Pio
 Union of East and West in ChristLast Supper

Original Fine Art Oil Painting Portraits by Mark Sanislo

"Heaven's Call to the Family" is an original painting by Mark Sanislo

"Heaven's Call to the Family"

 is an original painting
by Mark Sanislo
Approx. size 4' x 6'

Created for the  "Year of the Rosary"

"Heaven's Call" - In 1917, The Holy Family appeared to visionaries Jacinta, Francisco and Lucia in Fatima Portugal.  The only officially recognized Holy Family apparition.

"The Call" - The message of Fatima is a call to prayer, pray in our homes, pray as a family, prayer from our hearts.  This call is to ALL families of ALL countries, of ALL races, of ALL religions.

"The Family" - Praying together as a family inspires family unity, peace within our homes, peace in our hearts, and peace in the world.

The painting depicts the Holy Family appearing to the world as they did in 1917 to the visionaries. The Blessed Mother Mary's Immaculate Heart, the Child Jesus blessing the world, as well as Saint Joseph blessing the world.

The Child Jesus is holding the Rosary where children are depicted reaching heaven through the prayer of the Rosary.  Beneath the children is the world, families, children, elderly, handicapped and essentially the whole world. 

Fatima Portugal is represented by the image of the Basilica of Our Lady of Fatima, by the cobblestones walkways, to the far left the silhouette of the olive tree; the tree under which the children sat, awaiting the coming of the Blessed Mother.  That tree remains yet today in the Cova Da Iria. You will also notice the lighted candles - which represent the nightly prayer vigils at Fatima. As well as, the rosaries and occasional umbrellas that Fatima pilgrims might carry during their time in Fatima.

Sister Lucia the only living visionary, she is holding the pictures of Saint Jacinta and Saint Francisco.  His Holiness Pope John Paul II is extending his hand to invite all to prayer for peace.  Finally the crucifix of Our Savior Jesus Christ wrapped with the Heavenly request for "Peace through Prayer". 

May this painting inspire you and your family to pray together.  Unite your family at prayer before meals, unite in prayer of the rosary together, start with one decade a day, Mary will lead you the rest of the way.

Mark Sanislo Portraits

POPE JOHN PAUL II LIMITED EDITION PRINT "Moments of Grace" artist Mark Sanislo,


This reproduction of the original portrait,

A beautiful painting of the Holy Father Pope John Paul II  folding his consecrated hands in silent prayer and in deep mediation.

"Moments of Grace"

Done in pastels by artist Mark Sanislo,
 is printed on archival quality paper.


This reproduction of the original portrait
Missionary of Charity

"All I Want is to Know Christ Jesus"

A beautiful painting of  Blessed, Mother Teresa folding her loving hands in silent prayer.

Done in pastels by artist Mark Sanislo,
 is printed on archival quality paper.

MOTHER TERESA - LIMITED EDITION PRINT "All I Want is to Know Christ Jesus"  artist Mark Sanislo
Padre Pio

PADRE PIO - LIMITED EDITION PRINT original portrait "Persona De Christi"  artist Mark Sanislo


This reproduction of the original portrait "Persona De Christi"
Done in pastels by artist Mark Sanislo, is printed on archival quality paper.

"Our Mother of the Word."

Artist Mark Sanislo, was asked to
do an original  painting of the
Blessed Virgin Mary,  whose title is
"Our Mother of the Word."

lPaiting Frame Art Virgin Mary

The image was used for book called Messages from The Heart of Our Mother cover by Mark Sanislo
Messages from the
Heart of Our Mother

By Fr. Robert J. Fox

Mother Angelica by Mark Sanislo
Mother Angelica -
Nun of the Media

By professional artist,
Mark Sanislo. 
The original  can be seen on location at the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament, located in Castle San Miguel.  Hanceville Alabama

St. Francis of Assisi ORIGINAL oil painting by Mark Sanislo

St. Francis of Assisi 
ORIGINAL oil painting
by Mark Sanislo

Shown at the 2004
Fargo North Dakota
 Eucharistic Congress

Oil Portrait of Father Bernard Reiser

by Artist Mark Sanislo

Fr. Reiser is  Mark's childhood
and adult pastor and good friend.

Also see the Life and  of Times
of Father Reiser, a DVD of this
Holy and loving priest.

Fr. Bernard Reiser oil portrate painting by Mark Sanilso

Help Reiser Relief... Help the people of Haiti
Reiser Heights School

Fr. Robert J. Fox autobiography bookcover, A Priest is a Priest Forever by Catholic Artist Mark Sanislo

Priest is a Priest Forever

While on a pilgrimage to Fatima, 
Mark  Sanislo took a photograph of
Fr. Robert J. Fox leading the Holy Rosary.

It was a Kodak moment, as rays of sun were extending to this holy priest. 

This picture is now a painting by Mark
 used for Fr. Fox's autobiography
Fr. Fox's autobiography A Priest is a Priest forever.

"A Priest is a Priest forever."

Immaculate Heart Messenger Cover by Catholic Artist Mark SanisloThe Immaculate Heart Messenger, A quarterly publication of the Fatima Family Apostolate.

This 52-page magazine in full color is produced by an apostolate that has been endorsed repeatedly by the Cardinal Prefect of the Pontifical Council of the Family.

Cover: “Union of East and West in Christ

The FFA commissioned professional artist Mark Sanislo to write this Icon. See explanation and story on page 20.  See new book - “Light from the East - Miracle of Our Lady of Soufanieh

Cover designs by Mark Sanislo - A  special project with Father Fox in bringing unity with Christians of the East.Catholic Art by Mark Sanislo

The Soufanieh miracles and messages from the beginning, sees this as one of the most complete books on Soufanieh, sensitive to all the peoples and Christians of the East. “Light from the East” - is a 256 page book with multiple colored photos throughout the chapters to illustrate what is happening at Soufanieh - in the Christian sector of Damascus - and extending itself throughout the world.

Light from the East - Miracles of Our Lady of Soufanieh  cover by Catholic Artist Mark Sanislo
It is a “Rosary of marvels” which include exudations of oil, apparitions, ecstasies, messages, visions, stigmata, bodily and spiritual cures.    This book is a “new voice” that presents the deeper message of Soufanieh for the universal Church which is called to unity, especially the call for Orthodox and Catholics to become one as they were for the first 1000 years of Christianity.

An original by Mark Sanislo
The Last Supper

It's located in a company's meeting room
measuring 20 feet wide by 8 feet high.

Painting Framed Art   Last Supper

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