Lucia Puccia
as Little Margaret of Castello

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Lady Emilia, heard of a miracles healings in a near by town of Citta di Castello, Italy at Franciscan Shrine,  Lord Parisio was willing to journey there since it would solve this problem one way or another.

Little Margaret's father brings her to the shrine to  prayer for miracleSo when she was 20, Margaret and her parent made a pilgrimage to the shrine where they hoped for a miraculous "cure" to her deformities and Margaret could pray for healing.

Parisio soon realized no miracle had occurred and they silently abandoned  Margaret in the Shrine and this strange city. 

However, Margaret open herself to the will of God and had no harsh feeling towards her parents and in fact she loved them dearly.

Little Margaret prays
Little Margaret prays at
the shrine for miracle & healings for others
Little Margaret prays
Little Margaret prays for parents at the
Shrine until nightfall
Little Margaret
Little Margaret sleeps over night in Shrine doorway & meets homeless.
Little Margaret and friends
Little Margaret's
new life
Little Margaret ulms please
Little Margaret
Little Margaret ulms please
Little Margaret
Little Margaret
Little Margaret's
Little Margaret
Little Margaret now
a new postulant obedient
 to the rules

Little Margaret confession
Little Margaret
in confession

Little Margaret was at the mercy of the passersby, the poorest of the poor, but Little Margaret’s faith and courage inspired others in this life, where the rich would take pity on her and to help her survive. Margaret was serene, cheerful and courageous. She never became bitter, never complained, never reproached others or lost heart.

Her cheerfulness, based on her trust in God’s love and goodness, was extraordinary. Margaret was courageous because she looked at the suffering with the eyes of faith.

Eventually Little Margaret felt the call of God and became a member of the Dominican Third Order of Castello, where she lived an exemplary life of prayer, penance, and charity.

Little Margaret played by Lucia Puccia
Little Margaret praying
Little Margaret played by Lucia Puccia
Little Margaret leaving  the convent to do God's will
Faith to move mountains
A new calling for
Little Margaret
Little Margaret played by Lucia Puccia
Little Margaret
Little Margaret played by Lucia Puccia
Little Margaret taking care of prisoners, Gods children
Little Margaret played by Lucia Puccia
Little Margaret is
 floating in the air

Little Margaret
Prisoner repents
pray for us
miracle healling by little margaret
After Little Margaret's death she heals a child who is crippled.
Little Margaret Incorrupt
Little Margaret

Margaret was very sympathetic and understanding towards others and visited prisoners, helped the sick and comforted the dying. Since her death, at age thirty-three, she has kept on helping those who pray to her. Many cures have been attributed to her intercession.

When she died at the age of 33 again sharing another grace withLucia Puccia as  Little Margaret Our dear Lord Jesus the towns people thronged to her funeral and demanded that the saint be buried in a tomb inside the church. The priest protested, but when a crippled girl was miraculously cured at the funeral, the people had their way.

The story of crippled girl miraculous cure by Blessed Margaret is from the earliest biography about her written in 1325 and then another written in 1335. An account told by those who knew her. Blessed Margaret's story is one of the most moving and one everyone should watch,  even today, her body is still incorrupt.

She died on April 13, 1320 and more than 200 miracles have been credited to her intercession after her death.  Little Margaret of Castello was declared Blessed by the Catholic Church on Oct. 19, 1609.

Blessed Margaret is an inspiration to those who are discouraged and tempted to self-pity. Her intercession is most powerful to those who suffer from eye and muscular diseases, and has become an inspiration for the Pro-Life Movement. She is a help for those who are unwanted and abandoned.

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