Blessed Margaret of Castello
Rejected by Man but Beloved of God

The movie Little Margaret

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Staring Lucia Puccia as Little Margaret
And Robert Sommer as Fr Silvestro

Call 614-240-5915 to order Little Margaret movieThe “unwanted” of the world have a patron saint in a medieval woman who was born a crippled, blind and hunchbacked dwarf.

Blessed Margaret of Castello was born in the 1287 to wealthy noble Italian couple, Lord Parisio and Lady Emilia who lived in Metola, Italy, near Florence.

Margaret’s father was the Lord Parisio, was a successful military strategist who defended his mountainous Castle of Metola against all rivals.  Family history shows political importance of the family throughout many generations and he had a substantial family inheritance.

It’s unfortunate though, but Parisio was very prideful and uncaring to the sufferings of others.  Many who stood in his way felt his wrath and had to be obedient his orders.  His young bride, Lady Emilia, not much is known, but she seemed to have been a woman of quiet nature and  under the domination of her husband.

On the day which the child was born, there was no joyfulness, but silence and darkness that crushed the hearts of Parisio and the Lady Emilia, both of them were horrified.

The plans of a grand celebration for the birth of their long-awaited first child was now canceled, no bells were rung; no feast was given.

For the baby was not the "perfect" child of which they'd dreamed. The child was a girl not a son, she was dreadfully deformed, born a hunchback, dwarf, blind and lame along with one leg considerably shorter than the other.

The child's family was ashamed,  Lady Emilia and Lord Parisio could find no room in their hearts for their baby, and wanted nothing to do with her.

Parisio made up an excuse that the new baby was quite ill and would not survive very long. A grace of God was given to his wife Lady Emilia to remember about baptism.  The baptism of the child Lord Parisio had not given that a thought and if he failed to have his child baptized, it could easily mean the ruin of his plans and make him look bad.
Blessed Margaret of Castello
It was arranged that a kind servant woman took the child and had her baptized and named her "Margaret," which means "pearl."

Little Margaret was kept in a private part of the family castle in the hopes that her existence would be kept secret.  For her parents could not over come their shame and so they kept her hidden.  However, when she was about six years old, she accidentally made her presence known to a guest.

This made Parisio quite upset and then had a new plan to keep her out of the public eye.  He moved little Margaret away from the castle and built onto local parish church, a stone prison cell and locked her inside.

At a tender age, she saw God's plan for her, which she revealed to her beloved priest: "Jesus was rejected even by His own people, and God is letting me be treated the same so that I can follow Our dear Lord more Closely."

Her food and other necessities were passed in to her through aRobert Sommer as Father Silvestro window. Another window into the church allowed her to hear Mass and receive Holy Communion.

The parish priest became a very close friend, to little Margaret and took upon himself the duty to educate her. He was amazed at her docility and the depth of her spiritual wisdom.  Although she suffered terribly in that small stone prison, Margaret received the Grace to transcend her surroundings. “She endured 14 years in her cell, growing ever closer to Christ.

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Little Margaret & Fr. Silvestro
Little Margaret &
Fr. Silvestro

Little Margaret & Fr. Silvestro
Little Margaret &
Fr. Silvestro
Robert Sommer as Fr. Silvestro
Little Margaret rejected just like Jesus & Fr. Silvestro
Little Margaret by Lucia puccia & Robert Sommer
Gift of being a Mother
Little Margaret &
Fr. Silvestro

Robert Sommer as Fr. Silvestro
Little Margaret &
Fr. Silvestro with
a Birthday present

Little MargaretLittle Margaret using
her new Birthday gift
from Fr. Silvestro
little margaret by Lucia PucciaFr. Silvestro tells
Little Margaret that
a war has started

lucia puccia as little margaretLittle Margaret prays
to help stop the war
little margaret
Little Margaret
Cleaning her cell

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