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Saint John of the CrossJOHN OF THE CROSS

Here is the intriguing story of the greatest poet that Spain has ever known, in a video that has the depth and beauty of a 16th century masterpiece.

Leonardo and Patti Defilippis play all the main characters, including John of the Cross and Teresa of Avila, and the film also includes a cast of more than sixty extras.

John's mystical poem, T
Teresa of Avila and John of the Crosshe Spiritual Canticle runs as a connecting thread through the piece, and the suspenseful story keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

Saint John of the Cross (1542-1591) joined the great Teresa of Avila in a renewal of the Carmelite order during the Golden Age of Spain.

John of the Cross ordinationIn Leonardo Defilippis' warmly moving portrait, John is seen in his poverty-stricken childhood, and then as a young friar who becomes the leader of the reform with Teresa.

As the tension of the drama heightens, he is kidnapped by his own religious brothers and imprisoned in a closet for nine torturous months.

It is there that   he   com
Leonardo Defilippisposes  much  of  his immortal poetry, and enters into a mystical union with God. His story will speak to all who long for peace and prayer in their turbulent lives.

The Living Flame of Love -  In Leonardo's warmly moving portrait, St. John of the Cross is seen as a man in love with God, whose exquisite poetry touches a chord in every heart that cries out for a deeper relationship with our Beloved Lord.

Although John's works have in the past been relatively unknown in this country, Saint John of the Cross was the greatest poet that Spain has ever known.

The performace includes excerpts taken from historical sources on the life of thiLeonardo Defilippiss Spanish Carmelite, and selections from his beautiful poetry and prose.

Title: Saint John of the Cross
Original Music Sound Track

(Audio CD) Saint John of the Cross Original Music Sound Track
The music for JOHN OF THE CROSS was written to express both the action in the film and the inner action of the soul seeking God.

Themes represent persons in the story and the qualities they exhibit. Composed by Randall deBruyn, conducted by Vilem Sokol, and performed by the Players from the Seattle Music Company, audiences will enjoy this enchanting music lifting their hearts to God.

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John of the Cross ©1997 Leonardo Defilippis. All rights reserved.

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