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On this page you will find  EWTN programs  where  Fr. Shannon M. Collins has hosted or was a guest.  The  programs are  from the EWTN Audio Library  and have much value in learning the Catholic Faith.

Fr. Shannon Michael CollinsFr. Shannon Michael Collins, C.P.M, was born in 1964 and is a native of Cohasset, MA.

After undergraduate and graduate work in history and education, he taught in Catholic schools for a number of years.

Fr. Collins became a member of the Congregation of the Fathers of Mercy in August of 1994, which was founded in 1808, originally under the title of the "Missionaries of France."

The primary apostolate of the Fathers of Mercy now is  re-evangelizing the American community and preaching of parish missions and retreats throughout the country.

Having completed his seminary training at St. Philip Neri Seminary in Toronto, Ontario, he was ordained to the priesthood on June 10, 2000.

Fr. Collins serves on the mission band of the Fathers of Mercy and has been speaking at several home schooling conferences.
Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament of Our Lady of the Angels Monastery Hanceville Alabama
Most recently Fr. Collins was chaplain for the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament of Our Lady of the Angels Monastery, "Mother Angelica's place" and where he gave many wonderful talks to the pilgrims, he will be missed greatly by all.

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Does the Church Still Teach That?

Fr. Shannon Collins "You've no doubt heard that Vatican II changed many important teachings of the Church? What's more you've noticed the conspicuous absence of many crucial Catholic concepts in Sunday sermons and in the religious education of your children or grandchildren. Perhaps you've wondered whatever happened to familiar beliefs like Limbo or Purgatory? "

Now, in this eye-opening new three CD (or cassette) audio series  or an EWTN video series.

Does the Church Still Teach That?

 Fr. Shannon Collins, CPM takes on three of the most misunderstood and unjustly overlooked teachings of today. The Church

  • The meaning of the "law of prayer is the law of belief"
  • Why Purgatory is not a "second chance"
  • The perfect answer to the charge "You sound pre-Vatican II" EWTN Does the Church Still Teach That?
  • Where to find the mark of Predestination
  • Why every victory belongs to God and every fall to us
  • Why devotion to the Blessed Mother is a sign of Predestination
  • Why Limbo is not merely a "left-over" from the middle ages
  • What the New Catechism and the Catechism of the Council of Trent have in common regarding Limbo
  • How Christ "took captivity captive"
  • How human beings are the only creatures created for an end that they cannot reach on their own
  • What really happens to the victims of abortion

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Does the Church Still Teach That?
Date Produced:  December 2nd 2004
Title & Description
Does the Church Still Teach That

“Failure of Modern Catechesis”
( Failure to pass on faith to next generation )
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Does the Church Still Teach That

The Last Four Things
Listen Now
Does the Church Still Teach That

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Does the Church Still Teach That

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Does the Church Still Teach That

Christ as Universal Savior
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Does the Church Still Teach That

Outside the Church, No Salvation
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Does the Church Still Teach That

The Devil
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Does the Church Still Teach That

The AntiChrist
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Does the Church Still Teach That

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Does the Church Still Teach That

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Does the Church Still Teach That

Objective Superiority of Celibacy and
Consecrated Virginity to Marriage
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Does the Church Still Teach That

Marian Devotion
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Does the Church Still Teach That

Holy Mother Church
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Fr. Shannon has appeared as a guest on various EWTN LIVE shows and here are audio archives of some of these shows from the EWTN

Host and Title
12/12/2004 Benediction Fr. Shannon Collins' final Benediction
At Our Lady of the Angels Monastery,
 Hanceville, Alabama
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3/5/2003 EWTN Live

VHS Tape
Fr. Mitch Pacwa, S.J.
w/ Fr. Shannon Collins, CPM

Ash Wednesday and Lent
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10/1/2003 EWTN Live

VHS Tape
Deacon Bill Steltemeier
Fr. Shannon Collins,
 C.P.M., Fathers of Mercy

Special Edition: Priestly Celibacy

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Life on the
Rock #290
      Fr. Francis Mary w/ Fr. Wade Menezes, CPM & Fr. Shannon Collins,  CPM    

Vocations to the Priesthood;
New Year’s Resolutions for 2003

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Life on the Rock #381
Fr. Francis Mary w/ Fr. Shannon Collins, Fr. Miguel Marie, Fr. Alex Valladares

Eucharistic Special
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Today's Homily Today's Homily

 Fr. Shannon Collins, CPM
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Today's Homily Sunday's Homily November 21, 2004

 Fr. Shannon Collins, CPM

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Wonderful and easy to understand recorded
talks on DVD or cassette by Fr. Shannon Collins.

More media from St. Joseph

Firestorm of FaithFirestorm of Faith
Scandal, Conscience and Evangelization

 This has been a difficult year to be a member of the Church of Rome. Scandal in the Church has placed an obstacle in way of faith. Evangelization has been hurt. And the usual retinue of false prophets and pseudo-theologians continue to claim that the only solution is changing the Church's teachings to adapt to the standards of the secular world.      How are we to face the future and prepare the next generation of the faithful for what lies ahead?
Topics Include
  • Why scandals should never surprise us
  • How customs become laws
  • Why dissenters always consider the "case still open," even after the Church has spoken
  • How a married priesthood is actually an innovation
  • Why chastity is for everyone
  • How the well-formed conscience actually works
  • Why "academic freedom" is no excuse for scandal
  • How you can become a flamethrower for the Faith
  • Why we should "Ache in our hearts" for those who do not know the Gospel
  • How to overcome the current "winter of unbelief"
  • And so much more!

Sacrament Most Holy
The Urgent Message of Eccl
esia de EucharistiaSacrament Most Holy

Join the Holy Father and “Banish the Dark Clouds” of Unacceptable Eucharistic Doctrine and Practice!

In April 2003, Pope John Paul II issued his new encyclical on the Blessed Sacrament, Ecclesia de Eucharistia (Church of the Eucharist).

Perhaps the most powerful document of his entire papacy, it’s an awesome spiritual treasury of teaching on the “central mystery” of our Faith—the Holy Eucharist! 

Why would the highest-ranking prelate in the world find it necessary to compose an official document of the Church devoted to teachings that every Catholic should already believe, know and love?

Topics Include

  • Why the Eucharist is “a sacrifice in the strict sense”
  • How the Mass is like a time machine
  • How Eucharistic Adoration “is of inestimable value”
  • Why The Eucharist, celebrated by a priest, is “a gift that radically transcends the power of the assembly”
  • How doctrine and practice go together
  • Why the use of “altar girls” was a bad decision
  • How celebrating Mass facing the people is not an ancient practice
  • Why extraordinary ministers should not be used in ordinary circumstances
  • How liturgical abuses have been institutionalized
  • Why it is “unthinkable” to substitute “ecumenical celebrations” for Sunday Mass
  • Why The Mass is “too important and precious” to compromise by “innovative” practices
  • And much, much more…
Gate of Heaven:
The Necessity of Marian Devotion

According to famed Christian apologist CS Lewis, the Blessed Virgin Mary was too controversial to be included in his vision of "Mere Christianity". But is Mary really a source of division in the body of Christ? Or is she an essential part of God's plan and therefore essential to Jesus' work of redemption? In a word, is devotion to Mary necessary for salvation?

In Gate of Heaven: The Necessity of Marian Devotion you'll rediscover the great importance of devotion to Our Lady and what it means to your own spiritual life.

Topics Include

  • Why Mary is essential to Christianity
  • How every new beginning requires a "fiat"
  • Why Mary had to be in the upper room on Pentecost
  • Mary's special relationship with the Blessed Trinity
  • How Vatican II said more about Mary than any other council
  • Why Mary plus the Holy Spirit always equals Jesus Christ
  • How Mary makes the Holy Spirit "fruitful"
  • Why Satan fears Mary even more than he fears God
  • The meaning of divine "recapitulation"
  • Why God's plan calls for Marian devotion
  • How every Christian is a "co-redeemer"
  • Why Mary is our Sorrowful and Joyful Mother
  • And much more
Enduring the Winter of UnbeliefEnduring the Winter of Unbelief

Ever since Vatican II the faithful have been told that the Church is experiencing a “New Springtime.” But if this is true why has the number of Catholics that attend Holy Mass steadily decreased until it is fewer than twenty percent in some American dioceses?

Why are Catholic schools closing and Catholic hospitals becoming secularized? Why has there been a 90 percent drop in the seminary population and an 80 percent decrease in ordinations since the 1960s?

Why do so many modern heresies go uncorrected? Is the Church really enjoying a “New Springtime” or is she suffering an unprecedented “Winter of Unbelief”?

Topics Include

  • How one man and God make an army
  • What horrible consequences follow when a priest treats the liturgy as his own private property
  • How false optimism overlooks evil
  • Why the work of redemption requires uniting our sufferings with the cross of Our Lord
  • What St. Pio of Pietrelcina identified as the greatest problem affecting the Church today and what to do about it!
  • Why constant changes in the liturgy lead to confusion among the faithful and uncertainty in matters of doctrine
  • How Holy Communion is not a “reward” but a “remedy”
  • Why “formation is everything” in raising Catholic children
  • Why using natural weapons has not worked in the battle for saving souls
  • How to be mindful of others without forgetting yourself
  • And much more
Spiritual Boot Camp-Becoming A Soldier For ChristSpiritual Boot Camp-Becoming A Soldier For Christ

When we receive the Sacrament of Confirmation, we are given a specific mission-to become an effective solider for Christ. According to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, this is a "sign that Jesus Christ has marked a Christian with the seal of his Spirit by clothing him with power from on high so that he may be his witness" (CCC, no. 1304).

Unfortunately Confirmation is probably the least appreciated of all the Sacraments. Because of this, most of us lose out on special graces that would allow us to publicly and effectively witness to Christ-even in the face of fierce opposition. What is this power from on high that we receive? How does it help us to "fight the good fight" and "run the good race"?
Topics Include

  • Why the Catholic Church on earth is called the "Church Militant"
  • How sports is a new religion and why stadiums are modern cathedrals
  • Why all believers are called to be soldiers and take up the Cross of Christ as our weapon
  • How grace is an intimate sharing in the divine life
  • Why sin is our greatest obstacle to union with God
  • Why the Church has at its disposal the entire merits of Jesus Christ won upon Calvary to be distributed in the form of indulgences
  • Why there is no salvation outside Christ and His Church
  • Why the Eucharist is not something, but someone.

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