Chapter I of Fishers of Men

A short biography of
Fr. Robert J. Fox whose ministry is characterized by deep spirituality, leadership in the apostolate, and fidelity to the Magisterium of the Church.

by John M. Janaro [© Copyright 1986, Trinity Communications]

Fishers of Men bookThe sun glimmers on the horizon, shedding its golden hue across the fields that stretch as far as the eye can see. Birds begin to sing, fireflies blink, and the shadows of a small town become long and faded as its skyline melts into silhouette.

The shapes of farmhouses and grain bins draw into a cluster around a prominent water tower that an
nounces its identity: Alexandria, South Dakota. Somewhat removed from the water tower another structure rises above the landscape -- it is the steeple of St. Mary of Mercy Catholic Church.

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Join Fr. Robert Fox as he explains the significance of sanctity and the universal call to holiness with some our youngest EWTN viewers, who are dressed like some of the great saints of the Church. AS SEEN ON TV in 2004  30 min

"Blessed are the meek,
for they shall inherit the earth"
 (Mt. 5:5).
The people of this place are straightforward and practical; they bring forth their livelihood each day from what nature -- aided by their own good sense -- raises out of the ground. They grin and grip your hand with firmness and warmth; and you feel as though they are honestly glad to meet you.

Six hundred of these people inhabit Alexandria, just enough to give them their own exit on interstate 90. And on this particular evening one of them is out for a walk; by his stature and the length of his stride he is unmistakably a farmer, but his clothes display that he is a laborer in another harvest.

As he strolls along he stops to talk to passers-by, or perhaps to wave to someone across the road. People respond with respect and affection; everyone seems to know him, indeed to know him as a personal friend. Especially the children....

Reclaiming your Children for the Faith Video Series


Reclaiming your Children for the Faith

Fr. Robert J. Fox explores the beauty of Catholic doctrine in Reclaiming Your Children for the Faith.

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Specially designed for parents and grandparents.

Learn how to share these basic truths through Fr. Fox’s practical, down-to-earth messages.

"Hi, Father Fox," the head of a little girl pokes out from around a doorway. She wFr. Robert J Foxears a smile as they exchange some small conversation; she is introducing her cousins, two small children that Fr. Fox does not yet know. But he will.

The youth of America are bombarded with things that attempt to make a claim on their hearts. In the midst of this there is one man who uses his every ability to offer them his heart. Fr. Robert J. Fox has a mission to young people, and a message to proclaim: there is another way to live, God's way. In order to say this, however, he must demonstrate that way in his own life.

This demonstration has taken many forms, as author and journalist, as television personality, as leader in the World Apostolate of Fatima. In all, however, he is a priest, and he touches the lives of his people -- particularly young people -- by living the life of Jesus, human in its tenderness and intimacy, divine in the fact that it knows no limit.

Fr. Fox has a truly international public that includes Cardinals and members of the Roman Curia. Yet they have not drawn him out of his simplicity of life and its roots in the fields and farms of South Dakota.

On the contrary he has drawn them into his simple vision, a vision of the Mystical Body of Christ, the Christ who has known hard work, suffering, and great love.

Family :
Until Death
Do Us Part

Until Death Do Us Part

Engaged couples

Those already married

Young adults

Seniors  High



Marriage preparation courses

Written by Diocesan Priests with the aid of many others in the Church including married couples.

"A Priest is a Priest Forever." autobiography of Fr. Fox

Such characteristics filled the household of Aloysius and Susie Emma Fox, who ran a farm near Watertown, S.D. They were devout people, for whom the truth that Jesus is the Son of God was as basic as the truth that the ground freezes in winter. They had five healthy sons -- a bit boisterous in temperament, but good boys -- and two daughters.

Then, on Christmas Eve of 1927, Susie Emma brought forth a sixth son. Robert Joseph they named him, and he gave them yet another hope for an answer to that special request that they often brought before God.

The Foxes did not have a great deal of exterior piety; their devotion, rather, was bound up with the practical realities of daily living and solidified by a basic and essential family spirituality.

On occasion, however, Aloysius and Susie would ask God for a gift -- that at least one of their six sons would become His priest.

  Robert was still a baby when his father was called to God. He never knew his father by face, but he knew him by the tone that he had set in the family; an attitude that his mother would carry on, and that would pull the family through the difficult years that lay ahead.

The whole family had to pitch in to keep the farm going during those times of the Great Depression, when nature herself seemed to have gone bankrupt and no rain fell from the sky.

Somehow there was always food on the table, though not much of it. Clothes came from relatives in Minnesota, and heat came from the kitchen, rising up from a large wood stove.

Winters were cold, and every day was long. Robert was already milking cows at the age of six, and as he got older he began to run the farm equipment.

The family survived; in fact their poverty did not greatly hinder their happiness, for the home was laden with another kind of wealth.

"Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs
is the kingdom of heaven
" (Mt. 5:3).


Every Sunday the Fox family would make the five mile trip into Watertown for Mass. Fr. O'Meara, the pastor, offered the Eucharist with a faith and sincerity that left a deep impression on Robert.

Everyone in the area, it seemed, was Catholic -- and many of them were related. Most of Robert's playmates were his first cousins and religion was a regular topic of conversation between families, and a source of unity.

Robert had a sense, from a very early age, that a Catholic -- wherever he might come from -- was someone he could trust; someone who shared his beliefs and values, who had the peace of the same God in his heart. All Catholics are united in some very special way, the boy thought.

Fatima Family Apostolate (FFA)

Past articles issues of the Immaculate Heart Messenger

See the Development of a Preborn Child

 Summary of the Charter of the Fatima Family Apostolate

Fatima Shrine in Russia

Doctrine : Covenant with Jesus

Covenant with Jesus is a sequel to Protestant Fundamentalism & the Born Again Catholic,

Covenant with Jesus

Life-long Catholics will understand their faith better

Become excited about all aspects of the faith

Seven sacraments, the Mass as the sacrifice of the cross perpetuated and a time to “celebrate the New Covenant.”

    Before Robert had his first day of school, his mother took him aside and asked him, "What do you want to be when you grow up?"

"Nothing," the little boy answered.

 "I thought you might like to be another Fr. O'Meara," suggested his mother, recalling her constant prayer for her sons.

A sudden vision burst forth in the child's mind: How tremendous it would be to be a priest!

    This thought remained with him through the years at Immaculate Conception school. His teachers were Franciscan nuns, and their manner and attitude -- as well as what
they taught -- spoke to him of the power of humility.

In fifth grade, one of the nuns taught him that the Mass is the Sacrifice of the Cross.

Not understanding the theology, Robert thought that Jesus was suffering pain every time a Mass was said.

But he loved Him all the more. Sometimes Robert would roll up a towel and wrap it around his neck like a roman collar in order to see what he would look like as a priest.

Then there wereMark Sanislo - Catholic Art of Padre Pio pictures of Padre Pio; the boy marveled at the power of Christ's priesthood, marked by the wounds that Padre

Pio suffered in union with Jesus. The Eucharist began to be a vivid reality in Robert's experience; he would peek into the church in Watertown and draw near to the real presence of the Lord Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament -- a Jesus who seemed to be calling, beckoning....

High school, however, soon approached and brought with it the inevitable discovery of girls. Robert found that girls were really quite nice, and he rather enjoyed going to dances.

He thought that perhaps he'd like to get married and have a family; he very much wanted a family, and besides -- he'd have sons who could be priests, lots of sons. But then there was that special bond that draws all Catholics together -- like a family.

How he longed to embrace them all in Jesus. Would a family of 6 or 8 children be enough? No, he wanted thousands!

Children : Workbook for Mary's White League
Workbook for Mary's White League

Parents have worked with priests in developing four levels of Mary’s White League as shown in the newly released WORKBOOK FOR MARY’S WHITE LEAGUE

Family : Families, Seedbeds for Vocations

Future priests and religious will come from heroicFamilies, Seedbeds for Vocations Catholic families.

They will come from other families by way of exceptions.

A personal approach is needed in promoting vocations

Fatima : The Message of Fatima and Hope of the World 

Features Fr. Robert Fox and young adults who have found their vocations in various apostolates. The Message of Fatima and Hope of the World


Originally produced for EWTN.

7 hours of TV viewing and listening to informal conversation of the “Fatima Priest” and young adults as they explore the angelic messages and Marian messages given at Fatima.

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There was a tugging on his heart that would not go away, a fire that was the Holy Spirit reaching within him and casting his longings far beyond the high school, the girls, the dances, everything that fell short of Jesus.
"Yes, Lord, you know that I love you" (John 23:16).

Vocations Holy CardThe desire to be a priest, born of his parents' prayers, had taken firm hold in his heart and it would not be uprooted.

"Is not this the carpenter's son?"   (Mt. 26:55).

Robert, however, faced another difficulty. It was quite uncommon for South Dakota farm boys to become priests; the pattern of life was fixed, and priests and nuns seemed to drop out of the sky rather than come off the farm. How would he tell his family of this seemingly strange ambition?

A sudden fear took hold of him -- would they take him seriously? Would they understand what he wanted? and why? Robert needed courage, or perhaps he would never leave the farm.

An accident with a hay rake, which broke his leg and even threatened his life, took him away from his farm duties for several months during his senior year of high school. This gave him time; time for prayer and reflection, time to develop courage.

Robert Fox, internationally known leader in the apostolate, a light with the vigor of the earliest disciples -- the clarity of St. Philip, the zeal of St. Steven, the dedication of St. Barnabas -- began like them as a man afraid; even more so because his fear was of something indefinable; it was the fear of being misunderstood.

    But the Spirit of the Lord lifted him up and his heart was filled with fortitude. Robert decided to tell a married sister, and rely on her to tell the rest of the family.

The revelation of his desire came as a joy to the whole family, but especially to his mother whose special request, unknown to Robert, was now going to be fulfilled.


 St. John's University in Collegeville, Minnesota was a center of liturgical development during the late 40's.

The atmosphere gave the sense of a worldwide Church, and young Robert, who knew mostly plows, potato fields, and the parish church at Watertown, was a bit bewildered at first.

The studies were formidable, and at first Robert feared that he would be overwhelmed. He prayed that God and the Blessed Mother might take special charge of his vocation, because he felt so powerless to do it alone.

"Take courage; it is I,
do not be afraid"   (Mt. 14:27).

From that point on his grades improved, and he began to understand the depth of the Mystery that had called out to him from the tabernacle years ago.

Among the most beautiful of doctrines that he explored was that of the Mystical Body of Christ -- the Church as the extension of the Incarnation. Here was the source of that powerful union that he had always sensed among Catholics -- their union as members of Christ Jesus;

 "the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace: one body and one Spirit . . . one God and Father of all, who is above all, and throughout all, and in us all" (Eph. 4:3-6).

Doctrine : Guidance for Future Priests 

Intended as an aid for young men aspiring to the priesthood, even those not yet in the seminary.

 Includes chapters on the authentic vocation, choosing a good seminary, a spiritual program.

It answers questions asked by men whom God may be calling. 


After two years at St. John's, Robert advanced to St. Paul's Seminary to conclude his studies. Here he lived an intense and structured prayer life, the form of which he has maintained to this day.

At the seminary he learned to approach his priestly duties prayerfully, and how to reflect in those duties the Priesthood of Christ. Also, he was moved with the desire to preach the Word of God.

During those days  the seminarians would gather around a television set -- a new piece of technology in 1953 -- and watch as Fulton Sheen grabbed hold of a fresh medium and claimed it for Christ.

Robert was seized by the zeal that seemed to leap out of the television screen when Bishop Sheen spoke. "I thirst; I thirst for souls!" said the bishop. Robert felt this thirst, and longed to quench it by proclaiming the Gospel.

Finally ordination came on April 24, 1955. Robert felt as though the very statues in the Cathedral would come alive and cry out, "this man is unworthy!"

His unworthiness, however, gave him a greater sense of the power of a God who  "can raise up children of Abraham from these very stones"    (Mt. 3:9).

Stone though he might be, when the bishop of Sioux Falls laid hands on him, he was sealed with the mark of the High Priest, who "because he continues forever, has an everlasting priesthood"   (Heb. 7:24).

After the ordination, the priests' families approached the altar rail for a personal blessing. Susie Emma Fox shed a tear as she approached her son; a tear in memory of her husband's prayer -- and hers -- now answered to the Glory of God.

Morality : Morality and Teens 

A set of 3 cassettes: Teenagers and Going Steady, Teenagers and Purity, and Teenagers: Looking Ahead to Marriage.

Outstanding spiritual counsel from a priest young people will follow. This set is a MUST for high school students in CCD classes.

6 half hour lessons.

Used in our big cities and in rural America


The Glorious & Holy Sacrifice of the Mass 

Want to rediscover the infinite mystery of the Mass as the Sacrifice of the Cross perpetuated in worship of infinite value?

Fr. Fox speaks for an hour on the Glorious and Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

For young Fr. Fox, the priesthood meant the culmination of his devotion to theHoly Sacifice of the Mass Mystical Body of Christ.

He was filled with awe and wonder at each Mass he said; the richness of the presence of Christ and the intimacy of the union of the Mystical Body that was expressed in the liturgy increased his desire to "live the Mass" entirely in his priestly life -- to be a victim, always pouring himself out in service to the members of Christ.

Very early on, the basic approaches of Fr. Fox's pastoral life were established. This life centered on preaching, which produces the faith that makes incorporation into Christ possible and more vital.

As a priest, Fr. Fox soon saw that all of his actions -- indeed everything about himself -- had a teaching significance. Mindful of this, he never failed to appear in clerical dress, because his mere identity spoke to people: "this man represents Jesus Christ."

A book on The Fundamentals of Faith
Fundamentals of Faith

A 190 page digest of The Catechism Of the Catholic Church.

Fundamentals of the Faith.

It is in a Q & A  format.

easy-to-understand language—

References to the CCC

From the beginning, Fr. Fox saw his preaching duties as particularly addressed to children. As an assistant in several rural parishes in South Dakota, he taught catechism right through the high school level.

Here he saw the strength and significance of the basics of the faith, and how important they were to catechetical instruction.

The rural people -- modest, reserved, possessed of a natural humility -- opened like blossoms when the young priest spoke of faith and devotion, and within these parishes he was already finding the "family" he had always desired

Moreover it was his dedication to preaching that brought about the quite accidental series of events that launched Fr. Fox into his writing apostolate. During the early 1960's, after Fr. Fox had become pastor in Bristol, S.D., the National Catholic RegisterNational Catholic Register sent a letter to parish priests all across the country asking them not to neglect the preaching of sermons during the summer.

    Fr. Fox wrote a letter to the editor of the Register in which he supported the Register's view and expounded at some length his own defense of the importance of preaching the Word of God at Mass.

This was something central to his ministry, so the ideas flowed quite easily onto paper, and Fr. Fox sent the letter off without any difficulty. He was astonished when he received a reply praising his ideas, and suggesting that he write an article for The Priest, a magazine for clergy.

     Fr. Fox didn't see himself as a writer, especially one who could be published in a national magazine. He was, after all, a pastor from the farmland of South Dakota -- journalism was the furthest thing from his mind, and he didn't think that others would have too much interest in what he had to say. Therefore the idea of writing for The Priest was quickly forgotten.

Family : Only Heroic Catholic Families Will Survive 

Five years in the making sources conform to the teachings of the Church on marriage and family life in a practical way for the modern world.

Children : Charity, Morality, Sex and Young People Charity, Morality, Sex and Young People

Best selling book for teens.

Praised by youth and parents for placing the subject of human sexuality into the total context of Catholic faith and morals. Complete, positive, orthodox sex education for grades 7 - 12. 198 pages.




Doctrine : Jesus - Light of the World 

Each chapterJesus - Light of the World advances from  simple language, gradually to the more-profound

truths of the faith are presented with references to CCC

This book should prove valuable for home-schoolers, classrooms.

Excellent review of the faith.

Several months later, Fr. Fox was leafing through the latest issue of The Priest, and he came across an article written anonymously; this was not uncommon in the magazine which listed such articles under the pseudonym of "Sacerdos."

This particular article was about sermons. As Fr. Fox read, he was struck by the fact that "Sacerdos" thought very much like himself about the need for consistent and fruitful preaching. He read on enthusiastically.

Suddenly his mouth dropped open. "This is me," he gasped, recognizing the words and structure to be the very same as the letter he had written to the Register.

The editor, perhaps suspecting Fr. Fox's own reluctance, had submitted the letter as an anonymous article to  The Priest.

     Fr. Fox was greatly encouraged by this unintentional success. Perhaps there was a way for him to serve God in the printed medium; at least he saw that it was possible for his writing to be published.

So he began writing articles, and soon he found that his work was in great demand. Articles began to appear frequently in Our Sunday Visitor, Homiletic & Pastoral Review, and the Register, where Fr. Fox eventually secured a weekly column.

Fr. Fox viewed writing as a "prolongation and extension" of his preaching task, directed to those whom he could not reach personally. Meanwhile his primary focus continued to be personal contact in parish life.

While he was busy attending to the needs of his parish community in Bristol, his bishop was participating in the sessions of the Second Vatican Council.

Shortly after the promulgation of the Decree on Ecumenism, Fr. Fox -- with the authorization of his bishop -- conducted an ecumenical Advent prayer service along with three Protestant denominations.

The service was attended by over six hundred people, and Bristol gained national attention with some observers calling the young and enthusiastic pastor a "new breed" priest.

Mary : A Marian Retreat at Carmel 

 For use by families, Marian groups, individuals.

Includes Mary and living the call of Vatican II,

Meaning of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Mary and the Holy Spirit, the Holy Eucharist and Living One’s Consecration



Doctrine : A Young Catholic's Apology for the Faith 

A small book which young Catholics want to read.

It’s written in the style of a young person with testimony.

Help to assist Catholic youth who are confronted  by Protestant Fundamentalists.

Fr. Fox, however, was conscious that God is "ever Ancient, ever New," and with a sense of tradition and continuity he set out to perform the work of Vatican II.

The Council revitalized his own commitment to catechesis, and he went about with even greater zeal in teaching the faith to God's smallest children.

"Let the little ones come to me"  (Lk. 18:18).

At the same time Fr. Fox became keenly aware of difficulties arising in modern catechetics; people who claimed to be responding to the mandate of the council were actually watering down Catholic doctrine in the interests of some false sense of ecumenism or the dubious applications of certain fashionable trends in child psychology.

Fr. Fox's observance of these difficulties led to a book: Religious Education: Its Effects, Its Challenges Today.  As the 1960's wore on, the atmosphere in catechetics became increasingly confused, and Fr. Fox's book was greeted enthusiastically by many as an answer to the rising problems, a light in the fog. Others, however, were determined to resist his efforts.

 As pastor in Milbank he sought to implement his vision of catechetics in the Catholic school. The principal and the school board opposed him, and tension gripped the entire parish.

"I come to bring not peace, but the sword
"  (Mt. 10:34).

Fr. Fox found that his commitment was being put to the test. Always desiring the welfare of his parish first, he now found himself the center of a controversy that was cutting a deep wound in his community.

Perhaps it was his fault -- perhaps he needed more patience in the situation? Or was he pushing his own view too far?

Fr. Fox felt the sword within his own heart, driving him to seek a closer union with the suffering heart of Jesus. He wanted to know that he was doing God's will, so he asked for a sign relating to his life as a priest and catechist:

"Is my work pleasing to you, O God?"

The answer came through the Church: a few days before Christmas, Fr. Fox received a letter from Cardinal Wright, then secretary of the Congregation for the Clergy.

"Keep writing, you are needed in America," the letter proclaimed as Cardinal Wright requested six copies of Fr. Fox's book.

By the grace of God, Fr. Fox had found new confidence and courage -- he stood with the Church.

Family : Family Bonding Through Discipline 
One of the best-selling books of the Fatima Family Apostolate.
Family Bonding Through Discipline

It was written by parents for parents.

Ued  Seton Home Study.

Discipline with love runs through the entire book.”

—Michael and Kathie Clarie – Promoters

“This book is long overdue. To those of us on the front lines of the battle being fought for the hearts and souls of our children, this book is a gift from God.”


Family : Education for Marriage 
90-min. tape
by Fr. Fox.
Side 1: “Married Love-giving and Life-giving.”

Side 2: “The Pill", Responsible Parenthood and
Education for Marriage the Church.”

Couples married who desire to know what the Church teaches about artificial birth control and the responsible use of human sexuality and why it so teaches will find much help in this tape. 


Doctrine : Protestant Fundamentalism and the Born Again Catholic

Protestant Fundamentalism and the Born Again Catholic

Reclaims fallen-away Catholics.

Helps converts to Catholicism.

Strengthens the faith of practicing Catholics.

Presents Catholic truth in a way that readers discover a deeper personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


In the midst of the crisis in the Church, Fr. Fox found his faith growing stronger. Important aspects of the priesthood were being called into question in the public forum, and Fr. Fox met these challenges in his preaching and in the deepening of interior life and commitment that resulted from it.

The response to criticism of the priestly life -- particularly celibacy -- required a greater understanding of who the priest is and the nature of his ministry.

Fr. Fox was drawn to reflect more and more on celibacy, the priesthood, and the Mystical Body in order to appreciate the Church and his own role in the troubled times following Vatican II.

  "Blessed are they who hear
the Word of God and keep it"  (Lk. 11:28).

In Fr. Fox's reflection, the Holy Spirit drew him toward the answer to today's crisis of faith. Modern man has forgotten how to believe; how to go beyond himself and find his true identity in the richness of God whom he is called to glorify in a unique fashion.

All throughout his priestly life, Fr. Fox had dedicated himself to showing people how to live in faith. From his own work he realized the profound need for a model of the Christian life; the response to God lived perfectly, full of power and love.



True Devotion: To Jesus Through Mary

Aired on Living His Life Abundantly

Video interview by Johnnette Benkovic

Guests: Fr. Robert Fox and Rosalind Moss

Both proclaim that Mary is the perfect Jewish mother, who leads children to Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Role of the Blessed Virgin Mary for the third Millennium

Mary by religious people of all persuasions.

What is true devotion to Mary?

Fatima : Abundant Life Program  - Johnette Benkovic

Our Lady of Fatima and the Third Secret

Guest Father Robert Fox, talks about the apparitions of Fatima,

The messages Our Lady gave to the children, and the "third secret"
which recently has been made public.


Since his childhood, Fr. Fox had always had a generous devotion to theFr. Robert J Fox Blessed Virgin Mary.

Knowing that Mary brings her Son to all men and all men to her Son because of her unique and preeminent role in the salvation of the world.

Fr. Fox had totally consecrated his priesthood to her at his ordination, so that he might be an instrument of her fundamental mission.

When Mary was proclaimed Mother of the Church at the Second Vatican Council, Fr. Fox saw her role as source of that mystical Christian unity that is the Body of Christ her Son.

Now, as faith was becoming more difficult and the minds of so many were becoming troubled and confused, Fr. Fox was drawn to Mary not only as the means -- the mystery of her divine maternity -- but also as the model of Christian perfection.

Mary is the Woman of Faith; she is the Gospel lived in all its fullness, and union with her means a complete dedication to that Gospel.

Living totally in the presence of God, and sharing and expressing in a unique way the fullness of God's life and love, Mary's identity is intimately linked with the personal vocation of each and every human being.

Fr. Fox sought a deeper and more formative union with the Mother of God, one that would infuse every detail of his ministry and priestly life.

 When the Pilgrim Virgin of Fatima statue came to the diocese of Sioux Falls in 1974, Fr. Fox decided to go to Fatima himself in order to find God's -- and Mary's -- will for him.

The message of Fatima meant above all devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, embodying the fullness of Mary's response to God, and channeling Christ's life to each of the faithful.

As he knelt in the chapel of the Apparitions at Cova da Iria, he asked Mary "what do you want of me?"

There was no dramatic answer, no brilliant manifestation, no sudden flash of clarity. The prayer, however, took root as a new attitude within him.

As the days wore on, an answer impressed itself upon his mind -- consistent with all of his past work, yet representing a definite enrichment, a greater awareness:

"Teach the fullness of Catholic faith to young people everywhere possible using Fatima as a vehicle."

  "And from that hour the disciple
took her into his home"
 (John 19:27).
A poem for Fr. Fox

An adaptation of Kate Watkins Furman poem

Our Lady and the Priest

Was on a moon lit  night
Where fell a gentle glow,
I sat, alone, to rest and write,
In the Cova da Iria,
Our Lady appeared long ago.

And where Our Lady stands upon this
 holy site.

A white marble column at bay,
There he walked into the capelina light
A priest who came to pray.

 His long black cassock was
trimmed with blue interlace.

His face was sweet and fair,
With love, he asked for her grace
And holy was his prayer.

He gazed into his Mother's face
And prayed the longest while,
There, receiving from, she Full of Grace
The blessing of her smile.

And in my heart I surely knew
that gazing stare

As true, as truth could be,
The holy prayer he whispered there,

What do you want of me?”



For Children : To Teach as Mary Did at Fatima 

Using stories from the apparitions at Fatima as anTo Teach as Mary Did at Fatima exciting framework

Fr. Fox here gives 6 half-hour lessons on the basics of Catholicism for children and teens

Mary : Catechism on Mary 

It first appeared after 2nd Vatican Council,  when many mistakenly
had downplayed Mary.
Catechism on Mary

This revised Marian Catechism will be welcomed by individuals, families and Catechism teachers.

Our Sunday Visitor Press then invited Father Fox to prepare this special Catechism.

Now it has been revised and enlarged to include the Marian Pope, John Paul II, his life and role as Mary’s Pope in changing the world headed toward atheism under Communism.

The Catechism has a Q & A format

Presents accurate information on the role of Mary from her place in the Bible.

Her place in the Church and the modern world.

Intercessory role in heaven.

Fr. Fox returned to South Dakota with renewed zeal, and became involved with the World Apostolate of Fatima.

He produced a tape series -- To Teach as Mary Did at Fatima -- as an immediate application of his commitment to preach the Gospel through the Fatima message of conversion, penance, and the love of God.

    Then, as chairman of a Fatima Youth Seminar in Detroit, Fr. Fox introduced his ideas for making outreach to young people a vital part of the Fatima apostolate.

He founded a youth division of the World Apostolate of Fatima, and wrote Catholic Truth for Youth. At this time, however, the specifics of the task with youth remained undefined -- how could he preach the Gospel anew to young people by means of the message of Fatima?

    "Did I not promise that you would see the glory of God displayed?" (Jn. 11:40).

While leading a group of adults in a Holy Year Pilgrimage through Fatima to Rome in 1975, Fr. Fox had an inspiration: What better way to bring the Fatima message to young people than by bringing young people to Fatima!

A Youth Pilgrimage, run like a retreat, would provide an opportunity for young people to meet the Lord Jesus through the conversion of heart called for by Fatima and the Gospel it reflects.

This inspiration was the beginning of the Youth for Fatima Pilgrimages which Fr. Fox has led each year since 1975. To this day the youth pilgrimages -- one for boys and one for girls aged 15-22 -- are the high point of Fr. Fox's year, filled with tremendous spiritual fruits.

On these trips many young people come to grips for the first time with the sins that this difficult age so strongly encourages, and these young people -- filled with a newfound hope in the merciful and transforming love of Christ -- approach the Sacrament of Reconciliation in great numbers.

Fr. Fox recalls how some young people -- touched by the Holy Spirit and delivered from so much unhappiness and confusion -- will proclaim with tears in their eyes, "Thank God a priest finally told me the truth about my sins."

This truth, which because of its difficulty is so often neglected, can only be presented with the ever-present invitation to God's mercy, and the result is a transformation of heart which for so many young people is the first step to their own interior union with the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the perfect Christian life.

During the most recent pilgrimages in the Summer of 1986, the Bishop of Leiria-Fatima, Alberto Cosme do Amaral, greeted the young people at the Cova da Iria -- the site of the apparitions -- and said: "You are an example to the youth of Portugal. You are an example to the youth of the whole world. Because Fatima is difficult, it is especially for youth."

Bishop Amaral also blessed a replica of the statue of Our Lady at Fatima for Fr. Fox, announcing, "Wherever this statue is, there the message of Fatima will be."

Thus, Fr. Fox sees the youth pilgrimages as a particular expression of his vocation as a catechist and minister of God's Word and the highlight of his own call to serve God among "the little children."

It was during that same Holy Year tour in 1975 that Fr. Fox met a man who was to have an important influence on his more recent activities.

Gino Burresi of the Oblates of the Virgin Mary -- possessor of the miraculous charism of the stigmata (the wounds of Christ) -- greeted Fr. Fox and some of his pilgrims at San Vittorino, Italy.

 The two men found a deep spiritual rapport. Fr. Fox visited then-Brother Gino several times over the next few years. He was inspired by Br. Gino's intensity of life, his singular dedication to the Gospel, and the dramatic physical character of his witness of suffering.

As this inspiration developed, Fr. Fox conceived the notion of writing a book on Br. Gino's life in order to communicate his witness and charism to a wider audience. Call of Heaven, now in its second edition (which includes the ordination of Gino Burresi to the priesthood), has strengthened the faith of many who have read it, and has drawn some of these into the religious life.

The book on Fr. Gino, as well as the constant work with youth, brought about for Fr. Fox an increasing involvement with vocations.

Many young men looked up to him as a strong defender of truth as well as a man of evangelical compassion and zeal. His preaching and writing had placed the desire for the priesthood within the hearts of many of these young men, who often sought him out for guidance.

For Children : Catholic Faith for Youth

 Fr. Fox covers 24 topics on the Catholic Faith for teens and young
adults in this album of 12 audio cassettes.

Catholic Faith for Youth

Wide use of Scripture.

Good for classroom or home study programs.

 Motivating and inspiring.

The youth will discover how to listen to and communicate with Jesus, their Lord, God, and Savior.

12 cassettes/album

Fatima : Rediscovering Fatima 

Our Sunday Visitor book department requested another Fatima book from Fr. Fox

This easy--to-read book

Rediscovering FatimaBest seller for more than 10 years.

Looking for a new approach, Fr. Fox drew on his interviews since 1974 with surviving and living witnesses to the Fatima events in 1917 when Our Lady appeared.


Doctrine :
Sharing the Faith 


Broadcast by EWTN,Sharing the Faith

Endorsed by Catholic Voice of America.

26 half-hour lessons giving the basics of the Catholic Faith.

Covers the existence of God, Truth, Grace, Liturgy and Sacraments,

home study,
high school CCD.


Doctrine : Instructions in the Catholic Faith

Basics of the Catholic faith for adults  24 half-hour lessons.

For home study, adult inquiry,
high school CCD and convert instructions

"Do not think that it is you who have chosen me, rather it is I who have chosen you
(Jn. 15:16).
Directing the vocations of young men became an increasingly prominent feature of Fr. Fox's work. This prompted him to found a priestly formation program with a specific orientation to the apostolate of the media -- the priesthood and the media were, after all, the two areas most familiar to him.

He called his program the Sons of the Immaculate Heart. In the fall of 1982 with the encouragement of his bishop and a personal expression of support from Cardinal Pironio, head of the Congregation for Religious, Fr. Fox began his program, and soon he had seven candidates living with him at his parish in Redfield, S.D.

    At this time all the "signs" indicated that the Sons of the Immaculate Heart would be a great success, and inquiries and support poured in from all across the country.

During this time Fr. Fox also produced a video cassette catechism course, Sharing the Faith  ("Instructions in the Catholic Faith"), in which he revived the style and potential of CatholicInstructions in the Catholic Faith television preaching. In addition he maintained parish work, consistent writing, and the Fatima pilgrimages.

His work schedule reflected a rich harvest, but perhaps too rich for one man. In time the demands on his energy began to take their toll, and his health began to decline.

"Blessed are the sorrowful,
they shall be consoled"   (Mt. 5:4).

Fr. Fox trusted that God would not allow his own limitations to hinder the ministry of salvation that was entrusted to him.

But he did not realize that now -- when it seemed that his active apostolate was so necessary -- God was calling him instead to a ministry of suffering.

His health suddenly collapsed; at Fatima he was struck with pneumonia so severe that he lost the pattern of his voice, the very tool with which he had brought God's word to so many.

The bishop ordered the Sons of the Immaculate Heart to disband; Fr. Fox had to retreat to a rural environment, regain his strength, and learn to speak all over again.

  Rendered dumb and helpless by the mystery of God's providence, Fr. Fox entered into the immense darkness and smallness of "thy will be done."

He experienced a new dimension of conformity to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, one that goes beyond particular plans and ambitions -- even holy ambitions -- and embraces the "fiat" simply for the sake of "magnifying the Lord."

Fr. Fox did not understand why God had taken away his strength, or why the Sons had failed. He only knew that this was what God wanted, and that his very helplessness was now a vehicle for God's glory.

"For he has regarded the
 lowliness of his handmaid"  
(Lk. 1:48).

Messages from the Heart of Our Mother by Fr. Fox

Francis : A Man Called Francis

A Man Called FrancisOne hour video filmed recently in Focus Studios in New Orleans and at a Church is in such demand producers are busy filling orders

“Francis” is shown at a healing service and his wounded hands are clearly visable as he prays over thousands of people.

This man undergoes passion and suffering 365 days of the year,

Family : Francis

FrancisThis book relates the life of a married man in the United States who bears the wound marks of Jesus Christ on his hands.

 He undergoes the events surrounding the Suffering and Death of Jesus Christ each night of the year.

More pronounced on all the Fridays of the year and during Lent, and with greater intensity during Holy Week.

Mary : Immaculate Heart of Mary: True Devotion 

The concept of total consecrationImmaculate Heart of Mary True Devotion according to St. Louis de Montfort, which is dear to Pope John Paul II, but also St. Louis’ work is brought up to date with Vatican II without com-pro-mise

Inspiring and uplifting as the theological and scriptural.

Mary : Mary in Mid America

The Fatima Family Shrine -
Alexandria, South Dakota
has become nationally known.

The Shrine that inspired Russia’s first Fatima Shrine

It is considered one of the most
beautiful Marian Shrines in America.


Saints and Heroes : Pope John Paul and Martyrs of the 20th Century
Was the Secret of Fatima fully revealed by Rome?

The Fatima Family Apostolate International constructed the first United States Shrine to Pope John Paul II and Martyrs of the 20th Century.

Sr. Lucia's reaction to those who claim the entire secret is not yet revealed

In time Fr. Fox grew well and regained his speech. He wrote a new book, Immaculate Heart of Mary, True Devotion, in which he enriches the spirituality of St. Louis de Montfort by casting it in the context of devotion to the Immaculate Heart, a devotion that has become the very core and substance of his own life.

In 1985 he came to St. Mary of Mercy parish in Alexandria, where he is building a shrine to Our Lady of Fatima in a spot that is very near to the center of the North American continent.

Here Fr. Fox will host the first Marian Congress in America in September of 1987. The Bishop of Leiria-Fatima will visit the United States for the first time to attend the Congress and dedicate the new shrine. He will also crown the replica statue with a crown like that on the original statue at Fatima.

Fr. Fox will also launch a new quarterly magazine in January of 1986. Called Youth for Fatima, the Our Lady of Light at Fatimanew publication is intended primarily for young people between the ages of 16 and 25, and will use the Fatima message to inspire its readers with greater devotion to the Church and renewed zeal for her mission in the world.

Youth for Fatima will be published by Trinity Communications at $6.00 per year. Meanwhile Fr. Fox continues his writing, preaching, and spiritual guidance to youth all over the country. And, as always, he remains dedicated to his parish, especially the children, all of whom he continues to teach just as he has in every parish he has ever served.

    "What you have hidden from the learned and the clever you have revealed to merest children"  (Lk. 10:21).

Fr. Robert J. Fox "knows the Father" because he enters with childlike simplicity into the mystery of the Trinity.

In 1979, Pope John Paul II spoke with Fr. Fox, and encouraged him to pattern his life after the Sermon on the Mount.

The Pope's advice points to the message of the Kingdom of God, fully revealed as the Mystical Body of Christ and lived in union with the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Mother of that Body, source of the deep and personal union of all its members, and of the members to the Head.

This message of unity has been the strength and essence of Fr. Fox's priesthood, its motivation and driving force.

With and through Mary, he is present to the Person of Jesus Christ and receives a share in the work of building the Kingdom.

In this way Fr. Fox stands as an instrument of God's power, drawing those he encounters into the unity of love that God wills for all men; that unity which is Jesus Christ -- the Christ that his soul proclaims, the Christ in whom he rejoices.

Fatima Family Apostolate -- a way of sanctification

Relevant Radio -  Fr. Robert J. Fox

The Fatima Family Apostolate is a prayer group,

Pope Calls For A Rediscovery Of The Rosary

Fr. Robert J. Fox
Profile from

Father Robert J. Fox Cultivator of vocations to the priesthood, religious life  and laity through his Fatima Family Apostolate

FFA Group : Marian Manual 
Marian Manual

2nd  edition
3 sets of meditations for the new Luminous Mysteries.

Litanies, over 100 Rosary meditations, enrollment in the Brown Scapular, Fatima prayers and more.

Devotions to Our Lady

Prayer- study group formats for every age group.

First Saturday devotions.

Dvotions to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  

Fr. Robert J. FoxFather Robert J. Fox is the director of the Fatima Family Apostolate and editor of the Immaculate Heart Messenger.

No fancy frills with Father Fox's organization just solid substance organized through grass roots out on the green grass of Alexandria, South Dakota, headquarters for the Fatima Family Apostolate.

Every year thousands flock to the plains of South Dakota near the Minnesota border for the National Marian Congress.

Such luminaries as Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz, Father John Corappi, and Mother Angelica, to name only a few, have been guest speakers for Father Fox's special ministry born of inspiration and hard work.

Father Fox was born on Christmas Eve in 1927 in Watertown, South Dakota to Suzie Emma Fox and Aloysius Fox. He was the youngest of eight children and received a lot of love growing up.

Tragedy struck early in his life when his father died, leaving his mother widowed. But she relied on her Faith to get her through the rough times and her actions and prayerful devotion to and love for the Blessed Mother left a lasting impression on young Robert.

He grew up on the farm through the lean times where crops were sparse and there was no running water. But he persevered, chiefly through the love and guidance of his mother who instilled in him a deep love for Jesus, His Blessed Mother, and the Church.

    "I never remembered when I did not want to be a priest," Father Fox asserts, recalling that at five years old he was practicing Mass at home to his mother's delight and hopes.

He admired priests, especially his pastor Father William O'Meara, a holy priest at the same parish for over forty years who died in 1945 while Robert was still in high school.

Father O'Meara had fretted over the lack of vocations from his parish, but after his death vocations flourished, largely through his example and intercessory prayers.

Naturally, young Robert was one of the first.

Morality : Youth and Sex Education 
Youth and Sex Education

Adults often find it’s difficult to speak frankly to young people on this subject.

Let Fr. Fox help you in a reverent but frank discussion for one hour.

Young people listen. 


Mary : Light from the East - Miracles of Our Lady of Soufanieh
Light from the East - Miracles of Our Lady of Soufanieh

 A book written by a Fr. Fox who did first-hand research in the Community of Soufanieh, Damascus, Syria near the site where the Apostle St. Paul was converted and baptized.  

Father Elias Zahlaoui, associated with the Soufanieh miracles and messages from the beginning, sees this as one of the most complete books on Soufanieh, sensitive to all the peoples and Christians of the East.
Icon of Our Lady of Soufanieh
It is a “Rosary of marvels” which include exsudations of oil, apparitions, ecstasies, messages, visions, stigmata, bodily and spiritual cures.

After graduating from Watertown High School in 1947, he entered St. John's minor seminary in Collegeville, Minnesota with the Benedictines for two years junior college before transferring to St. Paul Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota to complete his major seminary studies.

He was ordained on April 24, 1955 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota by the Shepherd of the Sioux Falls Diocese Bishop William O. Brady who would become Archbishop of the Archdiocese of St. Paul-Minneapolis on October 11, 1956 though his episcopate would be shortly lived, passing away on October 1, 1961.

Father Fox's first assignment in 1955 was at St. Lawrence Parish as an assistant pImmaculate Heart Messenger magazine by Fr. Rober J Foxriest in Millbank, South Dakota. Thus began his lifelong work of writing.

All through his priesthood he has been an expert catechist and Mariologist, having written books and recorded numerous lessons on catechetical teachings geared toward Catholic youth and family and Our Lady's role as well as editing the quarterly Fatima Family Messenger and the Immaculate Heart Messenger for the past twelve years.


In January 1959 Father Fox was transferred to Hoven, South Dakota and St. Anthony's Parish where he barely had time for a cup of coffee, being moved again that August as an associate pastor at Sacred Heart in Yankton for two years.

Bishop Lambert A. Hoch, the succeeding Bishop of Sioux Falls, moved Father Fox to Bristol, South Dakota in 1961, where he became a pastor for the first time at St. Anthony's Parish.

In 1965 he was assigned as pastor to St. Joseph'sThe St. Joseph Promise - help youth preserve their chastity Parish in Mobridge, South Dakota until 1969 when the Bishop returned him as pastor to his first parish - St. Lawrence in Millbank.

Here he remained for two years until moving over to St. Bernard's Parish in Redfield, due south of Aberdeen, where he remained pastor for twelve years.

Mary : The Mary Book 
The Mary Book
Exciting accounts of what is behind changes in the world today.

Gathered the lives of saints and heroes who were especially Marian.

Special perception of the meaning of the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe and Mary as Mother of Evangelism.


Fatima : Documents on Fatima 
Fatima : Documents on Fatima
For the first time for English speaking readers, important historical documents that provide crucial details surrounding the 1917 apparitions of the Immaculate Heart of Mary to three shepherd children are provided in Documents on Fatima & the Memoirs of Sister Lucia.

Most of the book is a translation of documents compiled by the foremost Fatima scholar, Fr. Antonio M. Martins, S.J.


It was at St. Bernard's where he began to reevaluate his life. Like so many priests, laity as well, we reach a point in life where we ask God if we are on the right track.

Father Fox was no different. In 1971 he prayed if his work as a priest was pleasing to Our Lady.

He prayed for a sign that he was using the right methods to do God's work.

Just before Christmas that year he received a letter from Cardinal John Wright, the former Pittsburgh bishop who had become the Prefect for the Congregation for the Clergy in Rome.

Cardinal Wright's words were full of kudos for Father Fox's work and he requested six books which he incorporated into the General Catechetical Directory a year later.

Father Fox was so relieved and appreciative he could contribute and it had to give him a special thrill to recognize his work in some of the teachings published in the Vatican Directory.


In thanksgiving, he built the first of three Marian shrines. His association with Cardinal Wright would continue through the years.

This head of the universal clergy is quoted as stating "Many youth today are not losing their Catholic Faith. They were just never taught it."

Who did the cardinal turn to? Father Fox, encouraging the South Dakota priest to develop a concrete apostolate for the youth.

When Father Fox assured him it would take a couple more years for that, the Cardinal's reply spoke volumes: "Don't delay. Act now."

Catholic PrayerbookPrayer has always been first and foremost in his life and often he faithfully fulfilled the 81-day novena which is composed of nine nine-day novenas, in which one prays the Rosary Novena three times (27 days) in request, three times (another 27 days) in adoration, and three more times (final 27 days) in thanksgiving.

It was a novena from ancient Catholic traditions he learned while a teenager.

Through prayer and inspiration, Father Fox traveled with a pilgrimage group to Fatima in 1974 for the first time and there, before the beautiful statue of the Blessed Virgin at Fatima near the Cova, he repeated what the visionary Lucia asked of Our Lady in 1917,

"What do you want of me?"

Mary :
e book on Guadalupe! Handbook on Guadalupe

Guadalupe in the United States, especially in the pro-life movement.

A popular yet
scholarly book on Guadalupe is needed


Fatima : Fatima: Message for the New Millennium 

Four 1/2-hour professionally made programs recorded in TV studios ofFatima: Message for the New Millennium Archdiocese of New Orleans.

 Fr. Harold Cohen, SJ, of Closer Walk Ministry for two hours, interviews Fr. Robert J. Fox.

Acclaimed for content and beautiful editing.

Sr. Lucia,
Archbishop of Moscow, Fatima,

During that same pilgrimage which took him to Rome and Venice, he recalls visiting the great St. Mark's Cathedral in Venice and praying at the Evangelist's tomb where he remembers as clear as day a voice within clearly telling him to conduct pilgrimages.

He felt an overwhelming conviction to teach the fullness of Catholic Faith to young people which tied in so intricately with the message of Fatima for Fatima was merely a reaffirmation of the Gospel.

He returned home that summer of 74 to build a shrine to Our Lady of Fatima and begin his famous youth apostolate in which each summer he would spend six weeks in Portugal conducting spirit-filled and prayer-oriented pilgrimages for youth.

Out of those pilgrimages great fruits have blossomed under Father Fox's nurturing care.


Today, after twenty-five years of pilgrimages, over 200 young men have either become priests or are presently in the seminary! 

He has no idea how many young women have become nuns but he proudly points to Sister Mary Agnes of the Immaculate Heart, one of the young ladies on one of his pilgrimages, who went on to become a contemplative Carmelite and be one of the founders of the first contemplative Carmelite monastery in South Dakota.

The grind of being a pastor and conducting pilgrimages took its toll in 1984 when he asked and received permission from Bishop Paul Dudley, who had succeeded Bishop Hoch in 1978, to recuperate at a smaller parish while he regained his strength from this temporary illness.

After a year at Immaculate Conception in Waubay, South Dakota where the population was slightlFatima Family Apostolatey over six hundred and where he built his second shrine to Our Lady, he recovered and was reassigned to St. Mary of Mercy in Alexandria, South Dakota which would become his permanent home for the past fourteen years as pastor and Director of the Fatima Family Apostolate.

"A Priest is a Priest Forever." autobiography of Fr. Fox

Eucharist : The Holy Eucharist  

1 Hr audio tape

The Real Presence

The Holy Eucharist
Source of Grace

Talks will strengthen faith in the Holy Eucharist which brings to Catholics the real presence of Jesus Christ.

The Eucharist is the primary source of increase in sanctifying grace.


Story Time Album for Children
Seventy-seven lessons teach basic Catholic doctrine. Fr. Fox uses aStory Time Album for Children special technique of teaching children through stories with appropriate background music.

Parents report the children listen to the stories over and over.



Doctrine : The World and Work of the Holy Angels

The World and Work of the Holy AngelsThis book on the angels is based on sound Catholic theology and spirituality.

Scriptural basis for devotion to and knowledge of the angels.

The Church is passing from the Marian Era to the Angelic Era.

Spiritual battle today is between good Holy Angels and the evil fallen angels.

It is over mankind they fight.

Three years after his arrival at St. Mary's, Alexandria was on the map.

He had received a donation of land to build a shrine which covered a block in square footage.

Divine Mercy pictureEnlisting the local townspeople who were hearty and giving souls, together they built the Fatima Family Shrine which features areas dedicated to, besides Our Lady of Fatima and Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts plus angels adoring the Holy Eucharist as well as Saint Joseph, and the Christ Child blessing the world plus a Divine Mercy Shrine.

In 1987 Father Fox hosted the first National Marian Congress which is, in essence, the mother of spiritual Marian and Eucharistic conferences that blossomed in the late eighties and throughout the nineties with the interest in Our Lady's apparitions and devotion to Divine Mercy.

Mary : Marian Hymns  - Marian Hymns, sung by St Mary of Mercy Choir, Alexandria, SD). Fatima Ave • O Sanctissima • Immaculata • Our Lady of Fatima • Hail Mary, Gentle Woman • Little Holm Oak • and more.    A+ Music


He has attracted nationally and internationally known-speakers to the plains of South Dakota where the nearest accommodations to Alexandria is sixteen miles to the west in Mitchell.

Yet they have traditionally drawn thousands every June, averaging 8,000 to this remote outpost off I-90 between Sioux Falls and Rapid City.

Tents are constructed and the townsfolk go into action, providing the manpower and hospitality that leaves all with a sense of accomplishment in fulfilling God's Holy Will.

Having just completed the 13th Annual one this past June on the Feast of the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts, he is busy preparing for the 14th Annual one which will be a special Jubilee 2000 celebration next June with Bishop Robert J. Carlson, Karl Keating from Catholic Answers.

Father Harold Cohen
and Jeff Cavins from EWTN, Mother Assumpta, the Dominican nun who assisted Cardinal John O'Connor in founding the Sisters of Life.

Father Louis Kondor, S.V.D. the Vatican's Blessed Jacinta & Blessed FranciscoInternational Postulator for the cause of beatification for deceased Fatima visionaries Francisco and Jacinta. Quite a line-up.

Fatima : Intimate Life of Sister Lucia Intimate Life of Sister Lucia

by Fr. Antonio Maria Martins, SJ, and Fr. Robert J. Fox

This book will stir the hearts of many with new documents on Sister Lucia. Never, ever before, in the 2000 year history of the Church has God required a humble Sister, with little formal education, to call the Pope and the Bishops of the World to an action which would change the direction of the world


Scott Hahn :
Scott Hahn
Bishop Paul V. Dudley Interviews Scott Hahn 

Radio interview with Bishop Dudley of Sioux Falls diocese and Scott Hahn, former minister and well-known convert to the Church. 


While we are "name-dropping," he has met with the Pope and the Princes of the Church.

In fact, the Administrating Bishop of Fatima Bishop Alberto Amaral, now retired, traveled to Alexandria in 1987 on September 27 in the Marian Year of 1987 to dedicate the Fatima Family Shrine.

Since then his successor Bishop Serafim S. Ferreira e Silva has also visited as have many bishops and cardinals.

Conversely Father Fox has visited them many, many times as well, including the Archbishop of Moscow, the Byzantine Patriarch Archbishop Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz where Father Fox presented the Archbishop and all of Russia a statue of Our Lady of Fatima with Our Lady's assurance that Russia will be converted and "In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph."


The entire Fatima Family Apostolate is geared on Pope John Paul II's Apostolic Exhortation Familiaris Consortio - "on the role of the Christian Family in the modern world" - released on November 22, 1981 in conjunction with the World Synod of Bishops.

Father Fox calls it, the "apostolate's bible" with prayer groups, contact couples (older couples helping younger ones), youth groups, married Marian couples and Mary's White League (set up for children) established in many communities and parishes around the country.

The Apostolate's charter has been approved by Rome and Cardinal Edouard Gagnon, P.S.S. President emeritus of the Pontifical Council for the Family visited the site and blessed a new addition - Our Lady of Guadalupe - as a pro-life shrine.

Cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos
, current Prefect of the Congregation for the Clergy has also given his hearty endorsement and stays in constant contact with Father Fox.

For Children : Mary's White League 

Thirty-six 10-minute talks, by  Fr. Robert J. Fox,

Spiritually form your children within an international movement which has won the admiration of Pope John Paul II.

Children are led and formed to consecrate themselves to their Guardian Angels, then to God the Father and finally to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Well suited for young children four to twelve years of age.


Mary : Mary Through the Ages 

 2000 Year Chronology beginning with New Testament times
Mary Through the Ages leading up to the beginning of the Third Millennium inclusive.

Praised by Mother Angelica of Eternal Word Television Network and

Reviewed by Doug Keck on EWTN’s “Bookmark”


Iglesia en la Balanza

Iglesia en la Balanza
Doctrine : Iglesia en la Balanza 
Los hispanoparlantes en los Estados Unidos sobre todo entre los jóvenes, a veces otros alejados de su patria y cultura, a menudo encuentran difícil de identificarse con su herencia católica cristiana antigua.

With all this going on, one would think Father's plate is full, but not Father Fox.

At 72 he is still going strong, having published over 50 books and tapes on Catholic Doctrine,Saints and Heroes Speak morality, family, Our Lady, and saints and heroes.

A hero is what he has become to many through his
Fr Robert J. Fox and Mother Angelicaheroic virtue and dedication to Our Lady who he will honor with yet another book due out in December 1999 entitled Mary through the Ages which will treat Our Lady's influence in the Church over the centuries.

In addition, he has been tabbed by Mother Angelica to preach the retreat at Casa Maria in Birmingham, Alabama in early November with the theme "Millennium Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary."

The following week he will join Mother in Detroit for the Annual Call to Holiness Conference.

Father Fox has been around the world, but his heart will always be in South Dakota for you can take the boy out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the boy.

He takes great delight in asserting that he has always been a farm boy at heart and this has endeared him to the people of this agricultural region. But more importantly, his fiat to the Blessed Mother has truly endeared him to her Immaculate Heart and closer to fulfillment of her promise at Fatima.


    Where is Fr. Fox now?

Doctrine : Catechism in Poetry 

Catechism in PoetryThis artistic and colorful book, 108 pages,

The Catechism in Poetry, is divided into four parts, the same way as the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

While the official universal Catechism of the Church is a means of growth in knowledge,

Father Robert J. Fox wrote The Catechism in Poetry based on it for reasons of the heart.

Fr. Fox is spending his "retirement" in  Hanceville, Alabama near Mother Angelica's,  Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament and the Poor Clares Our Lady of the Angeles Monastery.

Fr. Fox has not lost the zeal and he had as a young priest. He still has a  yearning in his heart to save souls, to glorify God, to bring ever more souls to God in the Sacred Heart of Jesus through the knowledge and love of His most Holy Mother Mary.

"I cannot think of Mary without thinking
 of Jesus Christ. She has taught me much about her Son, about His Church, about love for souls.

When anyone who considers himself to be a Christian but resists this approach, resisting balanced devotion and Marian instructions, the cause is diabolic."
- Fr. Fox

"The reason some cannot understand
 devotion to Mary and her Rosary is that they do not know in depth who Jesus is or the power of Mary is intercession as the Mother of God. Mary is the instrument through whom God willed to become man, take on human nature in order to save us by His death on the Cross.

God required the cooperation of Mary. Thus she is sometimes called, even by the Pope, Co-redemptrix. To fail to grasp Marys role is to fail to understand much about the Incarnation and Redemption." - Fr. Fox

Mary : Messages from the Heart of Our Mother

Messages from the Heart of Our MotherThis book contains messages from Jesus and the Mother of God. They are Urgent Messages from Heaven intended for the world, and are at long last in book form.

It took Fr. Robert J. Fox three years to assemble the messages and write the commentaries.

Fr. Fox was in frequent contact with the recipient the past three years to make this book possible.

A woman known as “Little Mary” has been receiving these messages since 1995

Fr. Fox's new book called 
Messages from the Heart of Our Mother, just released in July of 2004.

Our Blessed Mother complains about the fear of bishops, priests and parents to teach the fullness of true faith and morals.

They are told that when such fear hinders them from doing their duty, and they keep silent, they will have to give an accounting for lost souls."

God has opened many other doors in retirement for Fr. Fox.  He celebrates the sacrifice of the Holy Mass,  daily noon, at Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament and  feature author on a  new site Mother of all Peoples by Dr. Mark Miravalle.

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