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From the Old Testament Library

Moses Joseph's Reunion
Solomon Abraham & Isaac
Joseph in Egypt Ruth
Samuel Elisha
David & Goliath Daniel

Daniel  - A young Jewish captive faces the lion's den and becomes a prophet.  God gives Daniel great wisdom and the special power to interpret dreams. DanielThe King has a frightening dream, and Daniel interprets the dream, the king makes Daniel and the Hebrews his closest advisers.

The king has a golden statue built and demands that all worship the idol. When Daniel's three friends refuse, they are thrown into a fiery oven. An angel of God appears and protects them in the furnace.

Daniel refuses to
worship a statue he is thrown into a den of lions. God again protects him

Do you know someone who
 needs courage in their life?

Then you need Esther and Daniel
to show that courage comes from God.

Esther -  In this story filled with intrigue and danger, the greatest heroine of the Bible saves the Lord's people through her faith and courage.  God has chosen Esther for great things becomes a queen.

Bravely Esther declares that she is a Jew and says the Jews wish the king no harm: “We only want to worship God in peace.”

Who do you know who feels
defeated in their life?

Share David and Goliath so they
can see that God
can help them
slay the "giants" in their life

David and Goliath -  Armed only with a slingshot, David faces the terror of a giant. By following God's will, David becomes Israel's greatest king. 

 God tells Samuel to anoint David, the youngest son of Jesse, as king of Israel. All are amazed at God’s choice, for Saul is still king. Neither Samuel nor anyone else knows God’s plan.

David replies that “my faith is enough.” With one stone from his sling, David slays the mighty Goliath.

Elijah - A righteous prophet overcomes the evil King Ahab and Queen Jezebel who want the Israelites to worship an idol. 

A ordered the execution of the prophets of Israel, replacing them with Baal’s false prophets. But one man, Elijah, filled with the power of the true God, directly challenges the King.

Elijah pronounces God’s curse: “No rain will fall on Israel until the people reject Baal and return to God."  The people, realizing at last that there is only one true God, kill the prophets of Baal, and God sends the rains again.

Elisha  -  Miracles abound in this story as Elisha demonstrates God's power.   When the prophet Elijah visits Elisha and tells him that he will be the new prophet of Israel.

Elisha leaves his father's farm to follow Elijah. Elijah teaches his new student, knowing that his days are limited.

God sends for Elijah, and as he ascends, he throws his mantle to Elisha. Elisha now begins performing miracles and spreading God's commands and love.

Ruth - Left alone when her husband dies, Ruth chooses to stay with her mother-in-law Naomi.
For food, Ruth goes to a field and asks permission to gather the grain left behind. The land belongs to Boaz, who welcomes her and invites her to take what grain she needs.  Affection grows between Ruth and Boaz and marry

Ruth gives birth to a son, Obed. As a result of Ruth's faithfulness, God's blessings on the family are limitless. Obed is destined to be the grandfather of David, the great king who is to unite the people of Israel.

Joseph in Egypt - Though betrayed by his brothers as a boy, Joseph remains faithful to God. He interprets dreams and earns even the Pharaoh’s respect.  Joseph

Joseph tells Pharaoh that seven years of plenty will be followed by seven years of famine in Egypt.

Joseph explains to Pharaoh that with God all things are possible. He outlines a plan to store grain for the future.  Joseph calls on the people of Egypt to put their faith in God and they will survive the times to come.

Abraham and Isaac - This touching story of a father and son describes the ultimate test of obedience and trust in God. 
Abraham and Isaac
The Lord appears to Abraham and tells him that he must sacrifice Isaac. Shaken but obedient to God, Abraham prepares to kill Isaac. Isaac lies down on the altar of ritual sacrifice, willing to give up his life to the Lord. Suddenly,

God speaks: “Lay not thy hand upon the lad. Abraham, because thou hast done this thing, and have not withheld thy son, I will multiply thy seed like the stars in heaven. And by thy seed, thou shalt be blessed, because thou hast obeyed my voice.

Solomon -  The Lord blesses Solomon with more wisdom than any other king. In a heartwarming story, he determines a baby's true mother.  On his deathbed, King David anoints his son Solomon to be king of Israel.

The Lord appears to Solomon and tells him, “Solomon, because thou asked for wisdom to do good, and not for personal gain, I will give you a wise and understanding heart. Behold, there shall be none wiser than you.”

Solomon lives for many years and, to show his gratitude, builds a great Temple to God’s glory.

Joseph's Reunion  - Joseph must choose between exacting revenge on his brothers and forgiving them. Full of God’s love, Joseph forgives them but decides to test them to see if they have changed.

By this test, Joseph knows that his brothers are truly changed. He reveals his identity to his brothers, who joyfully hurry to bring Jacob to a reunion with his long-lost son.

Samuel -  Called as a youth, Samuel is destined to be a prophet. A wonderful story of a mother’s love as she dedicates her son to the Lord. 

A mother fulfills her vow and give up Samuel to God. Samuel tells his mother that he will serve God all the days of his life.

Elijah's prophecy has come to pass, and the young Samuel is now the high priest and true prophet of Israel.

Do you know someone who needs to
learn more 
about being obedient to God?

Then you need Moses or Samuel to
show how one is blessed in obedience

Moses - From a baby found in the river to his encounter with God at the burning bush, learn about the power of Moses' faith and obedience. 

Pharaoh orders that all Hebrew infant males be killed. The Pharaoh’s daughter discovers the basket and names the baby Moses. The child is raised as a prince in Pharaoh’s palace.

Years later, Moses sees one of the Hebrews being beaten and kills the Egyptian overseer. The Pharaoh declares that Moses must die for spilling Egyptian blood. Moses escapes across the burning desert. The persecution of the Hebrews in Egypt continues, and God speaks to Moses through a burning bush. God tells Moses that he is the one to free the Hebrews. Moses returns to Egypt to carry out His wishes.


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