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   The Passion of Christ

Passion Trilogy Special OFFER
Special  OFFER 
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The Animated

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$29.95 Item code: 10APT

The Animated Passion Trilogy Includes
Worthy is the Lamb
He Is Risen
The Kingdom of Heaven

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Bible Stories to Share with Children at Easter Time
He is Risen  &  Lazarus Lives  Special Set 39.90  DVD or VHS

Latest Releases from the New Testament
Worthy is the Lamb - Built Upon the Rock - Signs of the Times 
The Messiah Comes - The Parables of Jesus - Special  Set of 5  

Heroines of the Bible

Esther & Ruth   Special Set 39.90   DVD  or  VHS

The King is Born DVD Gift Set
  Birth of Christ Special Set 29.95  DVD  or VHS 19.95
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Each set includes FREE Resource Books, one for each video!

Worthy is the Lamb Experience tNest Family Worthy is the Lambhe Passion of Christ and witness the fulfillment of ancient prophecies.
Pray with Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, "Not my will, but thy will be done." 

Feel the betrayal of Judas' kiss.  Endure the trial and crucifixion as Jesus willingly submits.

Rejoice in the knowledge that Jesus' death and resurrection provides pardon for our sin.

He Is RisenJoseph of Arimathaea and Nicodemus prepare Jesus’ body, bury it in a tomb and cover the entrance with a huge stone. Caiaphas, the Pharisee high priest, counsels Pontius Pilate to seal the tomb becaNest Family - He is Risenuse Jesus’ followers said He would rise from death on the third day.

Jesus first appears to Mary Magdalene when she visits the empty tomb. Then Jesus appears to the Disciples.

He entrusts Simon Peter to take care of His “lambs and sheep” and preaches for forty days, asking His followers to teach His words to all people. His mission on earth completed, Jesus ascends into heaven, telling His followers He will come a

The Kingdom of Heaven - In a moving sequence at the moment of Christ’s return, He appears as if out of the clouds and says, Come, ye blessed of the Father. Inherit the Kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world.

The scene shifts to a group listening to Jes
NestFamily - The Kingdom of Heavenus tell the inspiring stories of the Kingdom of heaven. He tells the parable of the wheat and the tares.

Again, Jesus’ words come to life as a wealthy merchant discovers a perfect pearl and willingly gives all he has for the beautiful pearl. Jesus then tells the parable of the ten maidens.

Drawing on the meaning of these parables, Jesus explains to His followers that there are those who h
ear the word of God but refuse to understand it. 

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Christmas Special Offer
The miracle of Christ's birthNest Family King is Born Animated bible - with the essential, glorious message of Christmas - is brought to life for your entire family to experience!

Celebrate the joy of Christ's birth with this special gift set.  This beautifully animated Video brings the wonder of the first Christmas to life.  This moving story of the first Christmas will be enjoyed as a holiday tradition in your home for years to come! 

PLUS FREE value added bonuses!

Resource Book  Packed with word games, puzzles, scripture references and more, this book helps instill the
Nest Family King is Bornvalues learned from the video.

The King is Born Softback Storybook  Great for bedtime, this wonderfully animated storybook is taken right from the

Animated Stories from the New Testament Music CD  Containing songs from the animated series, this CD is great for bedtime, travel or relaxation. 

Jesus Action Figure  Designed to inspire young people to learn the teachings of the Bible.  

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64 page activity book

Each video is 30 minutes and comes with a 64 page activity and resource book that helps reinforce the important biblical and character-building lessons in the videos.

Packed with games, pages to color and puzzles, the activity books give childre
Nest Familly Actity Booksn hours of fun and learning.

Activities are designed for preschool and up.  

The covers are treated for easy spill cleanup and the pages are perforated pages for making copies for all the little hands who wish to color them over and over again

See below just a few sample pages from the
Nest Family Activity and resource books.

Click activity sheet to enlarge

Animated Bible Stories by Nest Family
Word Search
Animated Bible Stories by Nest Family
Word Search
Nest Family Activity and resource books
Word Puzzle
Nest Family Activity and resource books
Word Jumble
Nest Family Activity and resource books
Match Shape
Nest Family Activity and resource books
Mary Magdalene
Nest Family Activity and resource books.
Centurion gaurding
Nest Family Activity and resource books.
Ascension of Jesus

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